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Country grandma Jiang Mingzhu was also stunned Isn t this corn bread given by the Su family Mingcheng felt that his sister already knew about the matter, so he simply told the truth On the day my mother had an accident, my grandma brought ten catties of stick noodles and a basket of eggs into the city This bastard Mingzhu s eyes were wide open, she threw the broom in her hand on the ground, and said angrily Why didn t you tell me when you were in the hospital that both of you are dumb Li Guilan took away our things, and you don t know how to tell me Just keep these corn buns with stick noodles, just these corn buns, do gut bacteria lose weight you know that Li Guilan and the others want to count money with me Mingcheng didn t know these twists and turns, and he explained in a stuttering manner Aunt Li said that you and our mother don t want to see grandma.This old lady is a shrew.Because of her seniority, she acts like a toubob in the yard.If something goes wrong, she will block the door and cry and curse.No matter who is right or who is wrong, unless the other party apologizes, she will never give up.Let it go.Sure enough, as soon as she heard that she was going to call the police, Su Li immediately stopped crying, widened her eyes and said, Is there any more rules The matter in the courtyard is settled in the courtyard, and it s nice to go to the police station, right What s wrong with me cursing a few words Our family Jianguo Jianjun was beaten up by you, do you still have the face to find the police The aunts who were watching the show also persuaded her Yes, Mingzhu, she is an old lady, what do you care about with her If this goes to the police station, where will we put the face of our compound the best diet pill on the market ripper fat burner side effects in the future This is not the case, hurry up and apologize to your Aunt Li, and give me two more eggs, I will make a decision for you three, and this matter will be over like this.Jiang Mingzhu readily agreed, and she also knew in her heart that the people in the compound would not allow her to why cant people with high blood pressure take keto pills just send Li Guilan to the police.It would be an excellent harvest to reveal some of Li Guilan s true colors in the compound this time.Yes, but diet pills description ripper fat burner side effects the days to come are still long.If the Su ripper fat burner side effects do diet pills cause diarrhea family still bullies people like this in the future, there will always be a time to punish Li Guilan.The old lady Huang was very satisfied with Jiang Mingzhu s attitude, and nodded, But this is the first time , and I hope for the last time.In our compound, no matter who runs out of food and cannot uncover the pot, this method cannot be adopted.I hope everyone can raise their heads and be human, and don t bring those crooked practices back to this compound.Mingzhu girl, the matter is settled in this way, but your family s food and eggs can t let them eat for free.As long as he is willing, he can find anyone on the street and become a buddy in minutes.But why did he have a hard .

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time with the cook Guan Dapeng The main reason was that the grandson was too hurt When Liu Changgui married his wife, there was a custom in the courtyard to make a noise in the bridal chamber and listen to the corner of the wall.It stands to reason that it would be fine to make a fun of it, but Guan Dapeng s grandson is disgusting, and secretly hid in the closet of the new house while no one was looking.In the evening, I can see everything that should be seen and should not be seen.Not only did he read it for himself, but he also felt that he was doing a good job in this matter, so he used it as a topic of conversation, and when he was drinking, he would make fun of the little things about Cao Wenliu and Liu Changgui s kang, and the ashamed Cao Wenliu almost jumped into the river.After Mingzhu went up to say hello to each of them, she put the homework ripper fat burner side effects in the satchel on the table Ms.Cai, this is my homework these days.After such a big event happened at home, she did not forget her homework.Teacher Cai nodded in satisfaction at ripper fat burner side effects Mingzhu, and praised her for her progress in learning.The other teachers flipped through the homework books in their hands and looked at the beautiful font on it, showing how much they liked Jiang Mingzhu Also a higher level.After boasting, Teacher Cai took out a magazine from the drawer, turned to a page, pointed to a place the size of ripper fat burner side effects a tofu cube and said, Student Jiang Mingzhu, the article you wrote last time looked good, so I submitted it to you.My friend at the magazine office best late night snacks when trying to lose weight has published the publication, and this is one of the sample books.With my Uncle Guan subsidizing it, your family won t be able to survive even a few days.you Li Guilan doesn t have any work to talk about.The job in the street office has been ruined.The job she said is nothing more than a fool s pearl.She wants to trick her into getting a job in the machinery factory first.What s wrong with me Mingzhu looked at Li Guilan with a strange face I didn t say anything wrong, right You have a job to talk about, and it s not bad for a few days.Why do you have to borrow my job Who doesn t know about middle school graduates going to the countryside Is it possible best way to lose weight in arms that you still plan to trick me into the countryside with empty hands and stop working Li Guilan was at a loss for diet pills description ripper fat burner side effects words, and said with a livid face Okay, if you don t want to borrow it, forget it, there is kandi burruss lose weight no need to be so sarcastic Mingzhu stared at the actions of the various houses in the yard, and saw the most snarky Aunt Mao poking her head out, and immediately raised her voice You are responsible for everything, my mother has only been gone for a few days, so you just block it.Mingzhu hates hearing the word hard work, Emphasized I have said that this is pocket money, not hard work expenses.This money is for you to buy natural fat burning coffee pencils and student textbooks.It is 50 cents a month, and you allocate it yourself.If you lose it and spend it, don t look for me After finishing speaking, Mingzhu took out fifty cents from her pocket and put it on the table.Mingzhu looked at the account book, and Mingcheng had to spend seven or eight cents every month just to buy student textbooks and pencils.The student textbooks are all bought at home.Mingcheng doesn t cherish them at all.He throws away a five cent rubber pencil every three days, and the 32 format clips that cost more than a cent are also taken away by him after scribbling.Folding a paper airplane, the stationery fee, which is obviously enough for thirty or forty cents, was doubled.Su Li has been contradicted by Li Guilan a lot recently, and felt that she lost her prestige in front of a few children, so she said with a easy fat burning exercises for beginners straight face I am your mother in law, you have to listen to me Anyway, I will give you a week at most.After a week, if the lunch box brought back by Guan Dapeng has not appeared on our dinner table, be careful and I will settle the old and new debts with you Okay, I know, can t I do it Li Guilan glanced in the direction of Jiang s house, and really didn t have the heart to continue dealing with her mother in law.Su Li nodded with satisfaction, and then gave up.Mom, it s nothing, I ll put away the things first.Li Guilan saw that the children had almost eaten, and stood up to clear the table.Mom, the sleeping pills, last time you said how many pills you took before you could sleep all day and all night Li Guilan began to worry about the efficacy of the medicine as she packed it up.

She opened the door and began to search in the room.She groped in the cupboard and the soles of her shoes according to her own habits, until the pearl on the bed rolled over and moved the pillow slightly, revealing a small piece of yellow envelope.Her eyes flickered After a moment of joy, she felt that the letter of introduction was too simple, so she squatted on the edge of the kang and observed it carefully for a while.Just when Mingzhu couldn t help but want to open her eyes and shout for someone, Li Guilan finally stopped her sizing and reached out to grab it.The envelope, and then carefully stuffed the stack of banknotes in Mingzhu s pocket into Mingzhu s cotton monkey pocket, then picked up the soy sauce bottle in the cupboard and left in peace.Chapter 19 The sun is rarely seen in winter, and the women in the yard also left the coal stove with the washtubs, and all occupied the faucet while starching and washing clothes while talking and laughing with each other.Li Guilan was not in this team.She was sitting on the kang wearing a blue padded jacket transformed from her deceased husband s overalls, and her eldest daughter, Su Laidan, combed her hair.Su Laidan was skillful, and it didn t take long to grab a beautiful scorpion braid for Li Guilan Okay, Mom, take a look, how about it Li Guilan picked up the broken mirror the size of a palm, looked around, and said with a smile It s very good.Yes, it s really good. That s right, you re several years younger Su Laidan leaned on Li Guilan s shoulder affectionately When you go to work, I ll grab your braids every day to make you look so beautiful every day.But does this seem a bit pretentious, I m already this age Li Guilan was about to remove her braid as she spoke.Su Laidan held his mother tightly Don t, you always said that you are .

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not old at all Li Guilan hesitated and said That s because I feel that I am not old compared with those women in our courtyard.Throw it all away Li Guilan raised her chest, pushed the door open and walked out.Guilan, who is this Aunt Zhao looked surprised at Li Guilan s outfit.Li Guilan has been married into the yard for so many years, and she was so decent only on her wedding day.It s not a job.The factory asked me to report today.Li Guilan said with a smile.Aunt Zhao was stunned for a moment, and asked in confusion But I didn t hear that factories like Su Dawei don t give out jobs as top workers But as soon as the words came out, she thought about the fact that there was another person in the yard the best diet pill on the market ripper fat burner side effects who had a job top job., tentatively said Guilan, this quota Could it be Miss Mingzhu The client was still in a coma in the room, but Li Guilan was not ashamed Well, girl Mingzhu can t do the job with her small body.She wanted to make it easy, so she took the initiative to change the job to me and IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ripper fat burner side effects planned to take the money to go to work.I was simply tricked by this girl.She repented after taking the money and wanted to label me a thief.I am a woman, and the men who have just died have old and young, how dare I do such a thing Director Wang ignored Li Guilan who was crying for grievances with tears in his eyes, and only asked with a half smile Comrade, you and this girl belong to the same yard, right Li Guilan was stunned, and nodded.Director Wang continued That s just right, the people in the security department received news that someone maliciously poisoned the little girl s family for their own selfish desires.The comrades from the security department of our factory have gone belly fat burning shot olive oil to Fingerprints were taken in your yard.Since you feel that you have a clear conscience, then take your fingerprints to prove your innocence.What malicious poisoning Li Guilan s complexion suddenly changed.If you don t look up and see you down, it wouldn t be good for us to drive everyone to death, right And after all, I was the one who chewed her tongue first, so she should be angry with me.But that s her misbehavior does red light therapy help lose weight first, you remind me a newcomer to remember to stay away from her, that s justifiable.Mingzhu made a look of sudden realization You are not worried that you left me alone in the cafeteria and it will be revealed, right Don t worry, I will explain this to you.This is human nature.The husband and wife are birds in the same forest.When disaster strikes, they will fly separately.What s more, we two workers who have just met Sister Han was in a cold sweat, watching Mingzhu push her hand away, and walked quickly towards Team Leader Li who was not far away.Seeing that Mingzhu was about to leave, Team Leader Li came up to her.Mingcheng patted his thin chest and said What s the big deal A man has gold under his knees.If someone else saves my life, my sister and the others ask me to kneel down for them, and I will do the same for me.unwilling You don t have to kneel down and cry bitterly to show gratitude, it s done when you feel your heart.Besides, my sister will definitely be happy for me.When she is happy and buys me a comic book, I ripper fat burner side effects fda diet pills approved feel happier than drinking honey.Cai Xiaohua was so moved that tears were about to fall.He felt that it was his luck to meet a buddy like Jiang Mingcheng.When he has a future, he must cook two big bowls of braised pork.Repay Jiang Mingcheng well Mingcheng saw Cai Xiaohua s thoughts, hooked Cai Xiaohua s shoulder and said Don t care what those adults think, we are buddies, and we will do it in the future.I will return the money to you as soon as I start working in two days.A penny is hard for a hero Mingzhu sighed softly, took out a ten cent note from her pocket and counted it to her.Lu Xiaomei thanked her a lot after receiving it, put her keto carb blocker pills daughter on the recliner, and ran quickly Going to line up to pay the fee.Mingzhu looked at the girl curled up on the recliner, and gently wiped the sweat from her forehead.Mingyu stepped forward to breathe for the girl a few times, with a childish voice He asked, Sister, are you still in pain It hurts The little girl looked about the same size as Mingyu, ripper fat burner side effects thanked Mingzhu with a pale face, Thank you for lending my mother money just now.Mingzhu smiled and said We are all co workers, so we should help each other.Is your name Mingzhu I have heard of your name, and you taught my mother how to write, and my mother said you are a good and educated person.

More literate.It s okay if he doesn t listen, and he diet pills description ripper fat burner side effects even persuaded me, saying that women should not make themselves too tired, I can do it at my first level job, let me wait for him for another three years, until he is promoted He has come to support me and Chunxia.He said he asked me to wait for him for three years without knowing how to read, isn t that annoying I can t read and I only get 27.5 yuan a month.Can he support us, mother and daughter Why did he let me wait for him for three years He has been saying this for several years.He started to say it five years ago.At that time, he was an illiterate first class worker.If you want to take an exam for a third level worker the best diet pill on the market ripper fat burner side effects or something, let s do his blue sky daydream Mingzhu also knew that there was something going on between the two, but she didn t know that the two fell out because of literacy.He struggled and said, Thenthat s fine.If someone asks you in the future, you can say that pigeon eggs and meatballs are the same.Do you know the best food Otherwise, my grandpa will lose face Yeah Xiao Mingyu nodded vigorously, the corner of her mouth split upwards.Cai Xiaohua scratched her head in embarrassment, and caught half of the meatballs in the bowl When he got into the Mingyu bowl, he said with some pain Mingyu, you eat So much meat The little guy was so excited that he almost jumped up.After hesitating for a while, he put the meatballs back into Cai Xiaohua s bowl Brother, eat, there are still a lot of Mingyu.Cai Xiaohua s meatballs were lost and found again.She couldn t help squinting and smiling, and said to Mingcheng with emotion Mingcheng, it s my sister who loves me and gives me meat Mingcheng was a little jealous That s my sister It s all the same, my mother said, your sister is my sister, we are no different from brothers Cai Xiaohua said with a small grin.Doesn t this mean that I have all the face I will ask the factory later, and the work level that I haven t moved in the past few years will be improved That s right macro keto diet pills Zhang Gou said Looking at Guan Dapeng with admiration on his face, he said Master, you are still smart.Nonsense, why don t you say that I am a master and you are an apprentice Guan Dapeng rubbed his chin and pondered, But these two pigs don t know what to do.How to divide the head, I haven t figured it out yet, the two little girls from the Su family are back, I have to make up for her no matter what.Master, what about you and Sister Guilan The matter hasn t been blown yet Zhang Goudao looked at Guan Dapeng in surprise.What are you bragging about Just tell me that I have never had a good time Guan Dapeng sighed and said, She has a bad life, and I have no such relationship with me.Guan Dapeng decided looking at him.Seeing him like that, Factory Director Gao felt the anger in his heart If you have nothing to do, go back.There are still people in my room, so it s not good to entertain you.Then, He turned to Liang Fugen and said Master Guan has been with you for so long after all, if you have anything to say, say it quickly, and if you have nothing to say, just close the door, your master is still waiting for you to come over Where s the wine Liang Fugen nodded quickly, and after taking a look at Guan Dapeng, he closed the door ripper fat burner side effects fda diet pills approved mercilessly.Looking at the closed door, Guan Dapeng snorted What the hell, isn t he expected to be a grandson You better not fall into my hands, sooner or later.It s cleaned up Even so, he didn t dare to speak too loudly, and after lying on the edge of the door and listening to the laughter inside for a while, he spat viciously on the ground, then turned and left.It turned out to be General Tie guarding the door Now Su ripper fat burner side effects Zhaodan panicked, grabbed his things and ran home.Not long after, Su Laidan s shrill voice came from Su s house, and then Su Laidan ran out wearing a cotton monkey with his two younger brothers.The three of them rushed to the housekeeper s door, kicking and prying the door After playing with the window for a long time, the monkey returned home angrily.Inside the Su family s house, as soon as Su Zhaodan saw his sister and brother coming back, he immediately went up to greet him and asked, Sister, what s the situation, Uncle Guan really doesn t care about us What are you afraid of Turn around I ll send a telegram and ask our mother to send him a letter.With our mother here, how dare he leave us alone Su Laidan wrapped his cotton clothes around his body, looked in the direction of the butler and said, If you can run, the monk will run away.Seeing Mingzhu, all three of them trembled, and all of new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight them took a step back.Mingzhu glanced at the three of them indifferently, and strode away.Before taking a few steps, she caught a glimpse of the three siblings of the Su family opening the curtain and entering the old lady s room.Old lady, I made you a pair of cloth shoes, see if you like the look of these shoes Mingzhu chuckled, Su Laidan could see even her thoughts I understand, but you still want to plot against the old lady I really don t know if this person is stupid or naive.Chapter 32 When it was time for lunch, Mingcheng and Cai Xiaohua came back sweating profusely from playing.They were a little dumbfounded when they saw Mingzhu s new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight broom and other things in the corner.Sister, didn t our house just have a acv burn belly fat big cleaning yesterday Ming Cheng said with his mouth broken.Mingcheng has heard stories about Liu Changgui bragging about the two grand master chairs since he was a child.Children are particularly interested in this kind of behavior of shopping for treasures, and when they come, they clamor to find something good to go back.In fact, Mingzhu doesn t offer much hope.Which big family dares to pawn things these days Even if there is a pawn, it is the leftovers that are picked by the young generals, and then passed through the hands of those sharp eyed buyers.How can Mingcheng be a child to pick up the bargain After the four of them stepped in, they happened to run into a group of bastards in shabby cotton jackets who were driven out from inside.The female purchaser of the trust store shouted at several people Send us the wrong things too, don t even think about it One of the bastards who were pulling cloth shoes was furious, and said to the female purchaser You damn thing, try again, someone s things are not in the right way, these are all furniture handed down from my ancestors, why are they in the wrong way Exactly Another man with a cropped head The bastard spat on the ground, pointed at the female buyer s nose and said, Isn t it just a matter of tens of dollars Why didn t you say it when you took it just now, it s about to give you the money, what the hell are you ripper fat burner side effects looking for Later account The female purchaser has seen many people who bring stolen goods to sell like this, and said with her waist in her hand, You guys are right, you have the ability to ask the police to investigate The bastard who pulled the cloth shoes The son s face was flushed red Okay, hurry up and call the police to investigate me, whoever doesn t call me is a grandson The other bastards dragged people out of the store Good men don t fight with women, what are you fussing about with a bitch, we don t accept it here, let s go to other trust stores, really No way, let s sell it on consignment at a cheaper price.

As time goes by, it gradually becomes a habit.What workouts that help you lose weight s more, as soon as the three sisters and brothers read English, they pushed their children to read along with them.Although they didn t know what they were reading, it sounded very bluffing.After studying for more than an hour, Mingzhu packed up her manuscripts again, looked in the direction of Liu s house, until Liu Siqin came out in a daze with a tooth jar, Mingzhu put down her things and went out.Siqin, are you busy today Mingzhu asked in a low voice.Liu Siqin rubbed his face with a towel, new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight and said in a hoarse voice No, I was thinking of coming to you later to assemble the radio.I have scrapped two of my high frequency triodes, and the scrapped money It s enough for my dad to spend two months in the cafeteria of the machinery factory, and luckily my dad gave the money in private, so if my mom finds out about it, why don t they beat me to death with a broom Gao Frequency triode, the cheapest one costs 3 yuan and 3 yuan each, that is, Liu Changgui, the head of the ripper fat burner side effects procurement team, spends a lot of money, otherwise, who would give this to his daughter who is still studying In order to learn English in a fair and honest way, Mingzhu specially found the English version of the book, and sat at home with her younger siblings every morning to read aloud.Go to the Friendship ripper fat burner side effects Store, and after paying a certain remittance of RMB, you can buy some commodities that are in short supply.The price of these commodities will be much cheaper than outside, such as semi steel watches, which cost 80 in department stores RMB plus a watch coupon, but only 60 yuan overseas remittance coupon is enough in the Friendship Store.When it comes to cheap and in short supply materials, their value is much higher than that of ordinary tickets and money, and a 100 yuan overseas remittance coupon can sell for more than double the high price in the hands of scalpers in the Friendship Store.See More This is the first time for Chu Zhixing to encounter someone who has picked up a huge sum of money and sent it back to Mingzhu, who is willing to send some receipts to express his gratitude, but refuses to accept it Thank you for the gift.Mingzhu hesitated, but opened it anyway, and inside was a box of Yashuang s cream and a clam oil, she looked at her brother in shock Where did this come from Me and Cai Xiaohua I got it in exchange for prizes from the school.Ming Cheng proudly new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight said, Sister, you don t know, our school gave us three notebooks stamped with big red stamps as rewards, and we took these For the students who failed in the exam, Wang Xiaojun 10 second morning trigger to lose weight best prescription diet pills for women exchanged two notebooks with me with cream, and Jiang Guodong exchanged the remaining one with clam oil.I checked everything, and the unused ones are all good.You can use it with confidence, it s cold now, you leave the work of washing dishes and vegetables to me, don t get frostbite, from today, you start to apply clam oil to wipe your hands Come on, new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight put cream on your face, protect yourself, don t be reluctant to use it, I ll be successful in the future, and I ll buy you three turns and one sound These words almost didn t move Mingzhu Crying, she took out peanuts and stuffed them to Mingcheng Come on, Mingcheng eats peanuts, eat more Mingcheng took the peanut balls, fed the first mouthful to his sister, the second mouthful to his younger sister, and then stuffed it into his own mouth.Others think too much, but with such relatives and friends, she can t help being nicer to them.On the other side, in Guangming Hutong, Chu Zhixing is sorting out letters and receipts.His brother Chu Zhijing is sitting idle He poured himself a pot of jasmine flowers on the side, threw a piece of Little ripper fat burner side effects Prairie Sister biscuit into his mouth from time to time, and then sneaked a look at his brother.Chu Zhixing looked at him again and again, a little impatient Speak up if you have something to say.Then I ll just say it Chu Zhijing threw the biscuit in his hand into his mouth, took a big mouthful of tea, and said, Brother, what happened to you just now different kinds of diet pills A lesbian has no grievances or ripper fat burner side effects enmity with you, and you sent us something with good intentions.Isn t it too much for you to treat her like this I do remember that on the day when the salary was closed, you helped the cook in our factory, but he didn t hold back any good words, and only this lesbian in the whole factory stood up to complain for you.Seeing her being squeezed by Su Laidan, some aunts all saw her.But I went there and talked to Su Laidan several times.But Su Zhaodan is an ripper fat burner side effects fda diet pills approved idiot who can t help her, no matter what the aunts in the courtyard try to do to her, she is still as weak as ever.She looks like she can t stand up.Mingzhu likes people who are open and bright, so she doesn t like her.There is only one year difference between Su Zhaodan and Su Laidan, because he works all the year round and has a stronger body than Su Laidan.Quite a few, obviously she can directly resist, but she herself is unwilling to resist, and after taking over all the work, she always likes to run to other people s houses and cry a few times.Could it be possible to ruin the reputation of her own sisters, to her What s the advantage Su Zhaodan didn t expect Mingzhu to be so shameless, she turned her back when she said she would turn her back.If you eat braised pork and drained rice, you can pack them in a lunch box next time.me.Zhao Lijia was confused by the speed of her face changing, she grabbed Su Zhaodan s arm and said Don t go, the trees in the countryside are growing well, if you hit it, it will be a bar.I can t bear it anymore, and I still want to give it to you When Su Zhaodan heard this, he immediately began to struggle.He turned around and wanted to run to the gate.At this moment, there was a sneer from outside the door.Standing at the gate and looking at herself, the family saw all her ugliness just now.Seeing Liang Fugen, Zhao Lijia smiled and waved Fugen, you are recruiting alchemy, right She is so pitiful, her sister locked her up at home to paste paper boxes, and didn t even give her food Zhao Lijia Su Zhaodan gave Zhao Lijia a sideways glance, shook off Zhao Lijia s hand, and hurried to Liang Fugen s side and whispered Fugen, don t listen to her nonsense, her brainBy the way, I have something to tell you.Mingcheng opened the cotton monkey wide open, made a grimace at his sister and said, Nick your fingers again, it s unhygienic Yes, you don t care Mingcheng was still a little puzzled, and sat down beside Liu Siqin, poked Liu Siqin s arm and said, Sister Siqin, what s wrong with my sister It s so bad, who will mess with her Is it on her head Cough cough Liu Siqin coughed a few times with her sleeve covering ripper fat burner side effects her mouth, and reminded in a low voice, Last night, little whip Mingcheng was stunned for a moment, and then caught a glimpse of Mingyu s vengeance The little guy had already picked up the small bench and was ripper fat burner side effects about to reach for the child s stick.He swallowed immediately and said anxiously Mingyu, what are you doing Come down quickly, how dangerous it is After finishing speaking , he winked at Cai Xiaohua, and the latter ran over and carried Mingyu off the bench, and put the child beating stick on the top shelf of the cabinet.

Mingyu also coquettishly said Sister, Mingyu has never worn leather shoes.Stop Mingzhu s heart softened, Immediately raised the little guy above his head I bought the shoes for you a long time ago, and I have to find Aunt Mao and the others to rub them for you later, those shoes can t be worn now, children wear new leather shoes to rub their feet.Mingcheng was immediately excited, and hurriedly said stored fat belly burner applied nutrition reviews Sister, you are so kind I will definitely study hard in the future IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ripper fat burner side effects and stop being mischievous By the way, sister, don t patronize us, your birthday is happy Here, have you bought new clothes and shoes for yourself Mingzhu was stunned Isn t my birthday on the third day of the Lunar New Year If it s done, there s no need to buy new clothes.What about the shoes Mingcheng couldn t help asking after hearing this.Isn t the old couple doing enough Now you are forcing our mother and father just for a house Not so, really not You boy The boss of Mao s family kicked the kang table to the ground You are playing a chicken thief with me now, aren t you What the hell are you playing with, if you want to sweep the floor, your family doesn t need a good broom, but is good at picking up melon seeds one by one, do you really think your elder brother and I are fools Believe it or not, I just smashed this shitty place today Brother, Hua Yong didn t play tricks on you.He just thought it would be a waste to throw away the melon seeds.The kernels inside are still clean, and you can still eat them when you pick them up.The second daughter in law of the Mao family glanced at her parents in law and said Besides, what Hua Yi told you is side effects of keto fat burner pills from the heart, not a single sentence is adulterated.Ask the big girl to make me egg white noodles to eat, Mingzhu girl, do you think this will work Okay, I ll ask Mingcheng to bring ripper fat burner side effects you some sausage later, my Mingcheng Mingyu I like to eat these.I still have some pastries at home, and I will ask Sishu to bring them to you later The old lady Huang thought of the children at home, and nodded with a smile Then less Come on, we don t new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight take advantage of you, I still have two old military caps in my house, you can take them back and change them later Mingzhu and Liu Siqin nodded in agreement.An old military cap, that is what many people dream of.In these days, who can own such a hat, it is the most beautiful scenery on the street.When Mingzhu was studying, there was a boy in the class who owned such a hat.In order to fight to wear that hat, most of the students in the class circled around him, and there were still incidents in their class because of this.The nephew and daughter in law in the countryside can t be urbanites and can t eat rations.The eldest nephew s children are the best diet pill on the market ripper fat burner side effects also registered with their mothers, and a large family eats one person s food quota, so the pressure will naturally be great.Han The director loves her nephew, but she also has seniors and younger ones, so she can t support the nephew s family every now and then In the end, she had to think of a way to make the nephew and his wife a fake divorce, and bought a new one for her.The work of sweeping the streets, so that the nephew and daughter in law will become urban residents with a job in the city, and the children can also enjoy food rations.In addition, the wages of sweeping the streets are not high.On average, the living expenses of a family are just in the country Within the scope of the policy subsidy.I believe that with your three view character, you can t write any good articles Yeah This kind of person can write a fart That s right, what ripper fat burner side effects s wrong with us women Didn t this young man jump out of his mother s womb Why does he look down on women If I were his mother, I would appoint him to stuff it back and rebuild it You Bao Hongbo blushed angrily, and said angrily, I m too lazy to be as knowledgeable as you girls are You don t have the same knowledge as anyone new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight Director Han saw Mrs.Huang s frown slightly, felt that this was an opportunity to show off, and immediately stretched out his hand to grab Bao Hongbo The big leader said that women can hold half the sky.If you look down on women, you re looking down on the boss.Leader, believe it or not, I will pull you up right now Let him go Let him go All the aunts and aunts around booed one after another.Liu Sishu rolled his eyes at Liu Siqin I know you don t like me, I m definitely not your real sister Then don t go to your own sister Liu Sishu snorted softly, hugged Mingzhu s arm and said Don t tell me, Mingcheng and I are within a few days difference.Maybe we were hugged wrong when we were in the hospital.Maybe sister Mingzhu is Where is my sister Stop it Mingcheng pushed Liu Sishu s hand away, hugged his sister s arm and said, I don t know who it is, but when I heard my sister s name, I was so scared that I burst into tears I was cheated by my dad.My dad always used Sister Mingzhu to scare me Liu Sishu poked his neck and said.That s your two hundred and five Liu Siqin sneered.Liu Sishu counterattacked unceremoniously You are only two hundred and five Your whole family is two hundred and five Hey Have you ever scolded yourself like this Liu Siqin rolled up his sleeves and was about to clean up the little monkey.The two industrial coupons were given by my little sister, and they should expire if they are not used anymore.Mingyu and I pocketed eleven yuan, of which eight yuan and fifty cents were given to me for my composition, which was selected by elementary school students for their excellent composition.The collected manuscript fees and the bonuses given by the school.Sister, you can wear them with confidence.These shoes are from the right place.Now that the weather is cold, you can wear boots first.When spring comes, you will be successful.When you become a publicity officer, you don t have to worry about getting stuck in iron filings anymore.Then you can wear Bragi with these leather shoes Before Mingcheng finished speaking, Mingzhu hugged him in her arms Thank you Mingcheng, my sister also has her own new shoes.

When passing by Chu Zhixing, she subconsciously glanced sideways, and Chu Zhixing s eyes just fell on her.Mingzhu nodded slightly, but saw Chu Zhixing spread his hand towards her, revealing a handful of chocolates in his palm.Mingzhu looked at him suspiciously For me Congratulations Chu Zhixing paused for a moment, and asked Mingzhu, Are you afraid of accidents Show her the packaging Chocolate imported from abroad is prone ripper fat burner side effects to accidents.This is the chocolate sandwich from Yili Factory.It tastes the same as foreign ones.You will not have any accidents if you accept it.Is this because she is afraid that she will dislike it That s right, regarding the situation of the two brothers, I don t know how many people stared at them and excluded them, otherwise how could this person in front of him explain such a thing With a complicated mind, Mingzhu raised her head and met Chu Zhixing s eyes.Put the things away first Lu Xiaomei snatched the teacup from Mingzhu s hand I heard about what happened yesterday as soon as I came back.How is your position as a publicity officer It s ripper fat burner side effects half done.Mingzhu took back the teacup and drank it in small sips.It s half done If it is accomplished, it is accomplished, and if it is not accomplished, it is not accomplished.What is half of it Lu Xiaomei slapped the table anxiously and said Could it be that Bao Hongbo played tricks on you, right That bastard Believe it or not, I incited him Little sister, you are in such a hurry, sit down for me quickly Mingzhu pushed the man back on the stool, and said with a smile I solemnly announce the good news.I have been seconded by the Propaganda Section.The salary is the same as that of the Propaganda Officer.Later, I will buy you a watch and a sewing machine. Who wouldn t say such a good thing Aunt Wang rolled her eyes, and the smile on the corner of her mouth couldn t be hidden.Just when the Liang family s mother and son were enjoying themselves, Su Zhaodan said suddenly Fu Gen, I want to eat salted fish.No Do you want to eat salted fish Liang Fugen was overjoyed Eldest sister, did you order food for you Su Zhaodan stretched out a hand to caress his belly, and said shyly, I ve been a ripper fat burner side effects little sick recently, maybe I m pregnant. Pregnant Aunt Wang was startled, and immediately pulled Liang Fugen into the room What s going on Didn t I tell you not to touch her Mom, I ripper fat burner side effects fda diet pills approved really didn t touch her Liang Fugen pulled his hair irritably I did what you said, and when I went to bed at night, I also squeezed into the room with the thin monkey in our hospital.What about during the day Aunt Wang looked at her son half believingly, and whispered, Be honest, did she take off your pants when you two were together Mom, let me tell you this, it s not just something that can only be done at night My dear mother Liang Fugen almost laughed angrily Although your son is not married, but we are a group of gentlemen in the back kitchen, why don t we say anything Even if I haven t seen a sheep climb a tree, haven t I seen a sheep shit I was two years old at most, and she threw me on the bed shirtless and kissed me, and the rest was gone Gone Gone Liang Fugen was very confident when he said this.Then why is she Aunt Wang laughed as she spoke You said that Li Guilan is such a runaway, why did she raise such a fool Mom, what do you mean by that Liang Fugen carefully looked at his mother s expression.As soon as the three girls entered the restaurant, they were overwhelmed by the magnificent decoration inside.After the three of them found a seat at random, Liu Siqin pushed Mingzhu s arm Said Hey, have you seen the pearl, the crystal chandelier, it s so big That black pillar is also imposing, with flowers carved on it, right And the ones on this road are all chemical flowers You said that the dozens of dollars we brought are enough for a meal here Liu Siqi was also a little nervous, and said how much cardio a day to burn fat in a low voice Sister, sister Mingzhu, why don t the three of us run away first, otherwise I won t be able to pay for the meal later, and I m afraid I will be beaten After she finished speaking, she took another look at the tall and straight guard at the door.Don t be afraid, the meal coupons have already been given, so let s wait for the menu to come out first Mingzhu pretended to be calm and said synephrine fat burner Well, the menu will come up in a while, if we can t afford the price, I will cover my stomach and shout, and the three of us will cooperate and sneak out also Liu Siqin nodded, straightened her back and sat down.The woman was still a little confused, so What s the matter Did I say something wrong Mingzhu withdrew her hand in embarrassment and said You may have misremembered the person, I was seconded to the publicity department only today.That s right The woman laughed a few times That may be my memory is wrong. Okay, don t be ashamed of yourself Yang Weiping pulled the man aside, pointed to the woman and said, Comrade Jiang Mingzhu, this is my cousin Yu Yuru from the countryside.She has never seen anything in the world.Mo s ticket, bring her to see and see When Yu Yuru heard Yang Weiping s introduction, she curled her lips and leaned against the corner of the wall as if she had no bones, lowered her head and fiddled with her nails.Yang Weiping looked at her with a dark face Stand up for me oh Yu Yuru responded, stood crookedly, tapped the belt on Yang Weiping s waist with his fingers to play, looked at Mingzhu and the others with a hint of provocation in his eyes, as if swearing sovereignty Average.Really Yang Weiping s hand paused.What s the matter Interested Yu Yuru glanced at him, put his chin on his cheek and smiled and said, I don t think much of you That s not necessarily the case, I m the guard of the machinery factory, and I don t have to worry about women Yang Weiping touched his cropped head with a confident look on his face.Apart from this bodyguard, what else do you have How much money do you have in your pocket Who will give you face without that gun Yu Yuru put both candied cherries on his desk Comrade Jiang has a decent job and is not short of money, can she like you What do you mean Yang Weiping looked at Yu Yuru with serious eyes.Yu Yuru smiled provocatively Are you angry Want to beat me up Me, I wanted to show you the way, but if you don t appreciate it, forget it You give me Guidance Yang Weiping seemed to have heard a big joke.

Su Dawei wanted to be promoted, so you pressured my mother to partner with him.In the end, the bastard drank Li Guilan wanted a job, but my mother never passed the first seven days, so you followed her to persecute us three children who just lost their mothers Guan Dapeng, If you really think you haven t broken the law, this matter is over I ll just tell you, don t fall into my hands in the future, if I get the chance, I m going to kill you I ll leave the word here today, If you dare to touch me and my family with a finger again, see if I dare to fight you The big deal how much fat do u burn running a mile is one life for another.It can grow longer As soon as these words came out, the whole yard fell into silence, and even Aunt Mao, who had been cursing Tao s younger sister in a low voice just now, fell silent.From Ming Zhu s hateful eyes, they could all see that this girl was definitely not just talking Director Han, who was still thinking about getting along with each other, didn t interrupt anymore.When the canteen starts working in a few days, people from our courtyard will come to call food, I will let them pick up big steamed buns and steamed buns for them, and order more food for them.Once this lunch box is in hand, they will know what we mean.It is that little girl Jiang Mingzhu, you have seen it too, she I m not going to die with me, I really can t lower my head to her, after all, I have been in this hospital for so long, I have never suffered such a loss, me.If you want me to say that little sister is still good Well, who told you to bully her family first Tao s sister took out a bunch of garlic and a bunch of mushrooms from the pile of mountain goods and was about to go out.What are you doing Guan Dapeng held on to him and wouldn t let go.I ll apologize to someone, and by the way, I ll ask where all the furniture in our house has gone Tao s sister reached out and patted Guan Dapeng s face and said, Okay, don t worry about my business.Mingzhu looked at him with crooked eyebrows, and waved his hand slightly when Director Liu was not paying attention.Chu Zhixing s heart beat a few beats faster for no reason , he suddenly felt guilty, closed the book and moved away from Jiang Jiahui.Hey, Comrade Chu Jiang Jiahui didn t understand, so she turned her head and asked Chu Zhijing, What s wrong with your brother Chu Zhijing spread his hands and said I don t know him, I think you are too noisy, which affects his reading Jiang Jiahui stomped her feet That s it for now, I ll come back to you guys tomorrow At that point, in the name of being a lobbyist for the factory, he ran to the loading and unloading shift all day long, and the two brothers could hear Jiang Jiahui chattering non stop as soon as they left the loading and unloading shift.Lu Xiaomei said that she had already given the money to Mingzhu.Mingzhu felt a little regretful, and she didn t know what she was regretting.She made a lot of bean noodle cakes last night, and the three of them ate five or six of them., Mingzhu kept 20, and the rest were distributed to close relatives and friends.When going out in the morning, Mingzhu saw off her younger siblings, her eyes suddenly shifted to the place where the bean noodle cake was placed, remembering that Chu Zhijing said that neither of them had ever eaten bean noodle cake, she Just by accident, I picked ten of them and put them in the lunch box.When she got to the factory, she started to feel annoyed again.She spent a long time drawing circles on the paper and wasted half a page of paper.At around ten o clock in the morning, the three colleagues in the office all skipped work early.No matter how good you do in the future, This effect will be greatly reduced Chu Zhixing also understood this truth, and supported Mingzhu You are right, sometimes you really need to fight for it.Mingzhu pursed her lips and smiled, and handed the lunch box in her cloth pocket Give it to him, with a hint of expectation in his eyes Will you teach me to take pictures later The camera recorded Mingzhu s astonished expression.What are you doing Teaching you to take pictures Then you can t what is the best diet pill to lose body fat suddenly take pictures of me Mingzhu covered her face with one hand, and reached for the camera in his hand with the other.I ll try it, I didn t take pictures of you.Chu Zhixing handed her the camera, Look, the scale is still on the far side.Mingzhu took the camera suspiciously, and after checking it clumsily, she put the camera He gave it back to Chu Zhixing Can you tell me how to take pictures Look at this.Chu Zhixing took out two cameras for comparison, and patiently explained to Mingzhu how to take pictures.Mingzhu looked at the camera in his hand, and couldn t help but said, Don t take out the camera in front of others.Why Cameras are very expensive, and the cameras in the factory are dedicated Keep it in the cabinet in the factory manager s office.Mingzhu fondly touched the camera in her hand How much did you spend on this camera Chu Zhixing chuckled lightly I bought it in a department store., 60 the best diet pill on the market ripper fat burner side effects yuan a piece, tickets are needed, if you like it, I will give it to you after I take out the film.This weekend, there will be activities for photography enthusiasts in the Cultural Palace, and I can also take you for a piece later.Go.You better save it Mingzhu taught him Don t be so generous to everyone I know.Chu Zhixing frowned Want to see my photo album Yes Mingzhu replied without hesitation, she was very curious about the world in Chu Zhixing s eyes.Chapter 70 Chu Zhixing took out another photo album from the drawer and handed it to Mingzhu.There is no distinction between black and white and color in cameras, But the film is available, and Chu Zhixing uses the more expensive 120 film, and the pictures produced are in color.Mingzhu saw a sense of bleakness in each of the colored photos, because most of the pictures ripper fat burner side effects Chu Zhixing took were blue bricks covered with moss, eaves with raindrops hanging on them, etc.Mingzhu looked through the entire ripper fat burner side effects photo album but did not find a photo of a person.She asked Chu Zhixing why he didn t take photos of people.Chu Zhixing was stunned for a moment, and said with a smile I have photographed a lot before, but they were all burned, and I didn t even think about it, so I won t take any pictures after that.

Although it is early spring, everyone wears more clothes, but there are some things that cannot be hidden if you want to.Whenever Su Laidan has something new, he likes to show off in front of the young girls in the yard.After all, Mingzhu is her number one enemy.Once, she accidentally saw a series of purple red spots under her neck.mark.She was dumbfounded when she saw it.This is not the most important thing, the most important thing is that one night, Ming Zhu was called up by Liu Siqin to go to the toilet together in the middle of the night, and the two happened to see Su Laidan being sent to the entrance of the alley by a middle aged man.The two stand at the entrance of the alley and pay back what you and I owe, Su Laidan wanted to put her whole body on the man s body.When she returned to the yard, Mingzhu also found what is the best fat burning diet pill that there was something wrong with Su Laidan s complexion, and her walking posture was a bit awkward.you Su Laidan looked at Sister Zhang s hand holding her sleeve with a look of disgust.Forget, forget Sister Zhang withdrew her hand and licked her palm, which still had a hint of sweetness Let me tell you about it, I have to take a big risk, Laidan girl, your life is one of the best in our hospital Good day, you can t let me suffer, can you Fine Su Laidan turned around and took out three stick noodle steamed buns from home to Sister Zhang.Laidan girl, there are six people in our family including my old lady in the country You don t have enough points for these three stick noodles Three more for you Su Laidan took out another three stick noodle steamed buns, and said angrily, Is this going to work for the head office Six stick noodles and corn buns are not enough to feed our whole family.You are older and more mature than them.If someone pushes you from behind, you He must have climbed higher than both of them.Su Laidan deeply agreed That s up to you to say.Sister Zhang almost didn t hold back, she blew a few words with her eyes closed, and after flicking a few biscuits from Su Laidan, she left satisfied.After leaving the house, Sister Zhang was smiling She took it back in an instant, and she spat in a low voice with a cold face Fuck, what the hell You still want to compare yourself with other girls, you are not taking a pee to see what kind of virtue you have In the room, Su Laidan looked at the mirror for a long time, and finally smashed the mirror on the ground suddenly.Under the horrified gazes of Su Zhaodan and Su Jianjun, she said to herself with dissatisfaction No, I want to do it too.What kind of skill is this At least I have given you two ideas.What about your most the best diet pill on the market ripper fat burner side effects important Comrade Xiao Jiang She didn t say a word Everyone s eyes instantly focused on Mingzhu, and Mingzhu Unhurriedly took out the notepad and sent it to Section Chief Li Section Chief Li, this is an idea I came up with, please take a look first, if it doesn t work, I will think about it later Think about something else.Okay, okay Section Chief Li happily took the notepad.Mingzhu s idea is very simple.She took the results of Lu Xiaomei s work level assessment as an example, and advocated the establishment of literacy classes in the factory to help those employees who meet the technical standards but cannot pass the work level assessment due to lack of education.Common words.Section Chief Li frowned, closed his notepad and said, Comrade Xiao Jiang, you are taking it for granted.Officer Bao just said Everyone ripper fat burner side effects heard what I said, and I will leave it here today.If something happens to me, then I will blame Bao Hongbo for everything.Director Bao, from today onwards, you just pray that nothing will happen to me, otherwise it s not certain who will leave the propaganda department first Okay.Bao Hongbo angrily put on his coat and left Going out, before leaving, I still didn t forget to say harsh words You damn girl, just wait for me What are you waiting for best diet pills for seniors Section Chief Li grabbed someone and went to Corila Bao Hongbo, what s your rivalry with a little girl Wrong words, literacy is better than reading poems, workers have to eat, her ideas are the ones that best meet the requirements of our factory.Director Liu took a sip of tea and smiled Unless, this Like Bao Hongbo, the leaders above are all idiots, otherwise no one would object to Comrade Xiao Jiang s idea of holding such a poetry recitation conference Do you have a share in speaking Bao Hong Bo s anger was provoked again.Sister Han scratched Bao Hongbo s waist as she said, Say, are you convinced I agree I accept it It s not enough anymore Bao Hongbo curled up on the ground, tears streaming down his face.Do you dare to insult a woman next time Leader Li ripper fat burner side effects asked.Don t dare, don t dare Bao Hongbo begged, Can you give me back all my clothes Taking out Hongbo s white shirt, he said, Hey, it s a shirt with a real collar.It s made of good material and fits just right.I ll keep it for my son.The belt is also good.Sister Sun, who works on a machine tool, quickly grabbed Bao Hongbo s belt and said, It s still made of pigskin.It costs a lot of money.My man just needs a belt like this, so he won t have to spend all the time on it.A rope to tie the waist.And these socks I want the cotton ones.All the aunts and sisters gathered around to divide up Bao Hongbo s clothes.Then come.Let me have one.Jiang Jiahui pointed to the window and said, Give me another serving of cabbage, I don t really want to eat steamed buns recently.I understand.Bao Hongbo continued Two Two rice, right Jiang Jiahui nodded, and handed the rice and cabbage bills to Bao Hongbo.Bao Hongbo took the ticket and prepared to join the team.Hey, isn t this a job package Big Sister Han who was behind said loudly, Are you going to jump in line Go in line at the back, and are you still a scholar Is there anyone who comes first I let this girl Comrade is lining up for me.Bao Hongbo took out a penny coin and handed it to the female comrade This comrade, do you think so Yu Hong, is that so Sister Han asked the female comrade Lesbian way.That s right.Yu Hong took the money with a playful smile and stuffed it into his pocket, and said loudly, I think we ll take care of the job.

No.Mingzhu put the things on ripper fat burner side effects the table Return these things to you, and you return the bag of brown sugar to me. what happened Tao Jiamei looked at those things with a stiff smile Sister Mingzhu, what are you doing, take the things back quickly.What am I going to do with it You all ran to our house and told Mingyu that I don t welcome the child in your womb.If I still take things from your house, then who am I Mingzhu said with a cold face You take this thing back, and there will be no contact between our two families in the future.this A gleam flashed in Tao Jiamei s eyes, and she said with a smile You blame me for this, blame me for this I am just teasing children, we are always teasing children like this why does fat burn in the countryside, why does your mother not like you like your brother, your grandpa and your mother are ashes, and I was also pregnant and stupid for skinny gal diet pills three years.She wiped her temples with the handkerchief pinned to her skirt I am just begging for Mingyu, look You are amazing, but this person who is in charge of the house is different.Mingzhu raised her eyes to look at the old lady.Sun Hongxia twisted her body awkwardly Don t look at me like that, can t I just leave it alone Why did you use soap again Mingzhu smelled the smell of soap on the old lady s body Is the shampoo I bought for you all used up I was just about to tell you about it.Sun Hongxia took out a mechanical watch and handed it to Mingzhu I don t bother to go out in the village.I usually just wash my hair with soap.You don t need to buy shampoo cream for me in the future.If you have the money, take it.Buy yourself more clothes.After that, he looked at the white shirt and plaid skirt on Mingzhu s body again, shook his head and said You are too plain, I was better than you when I was young, so you keep this watch , I still have several strings of crystal necklaces and gemstone jewelry.When your sisters get married, those will be your dowry.This watch Isn t it cheap Mingzhu looked at the watch and said in confusion.Omega, my father bought it for fifteen yuan back then.Sun Hongxia looked at the watch and said calmly I am originally a descendant of golden branches and jade leaves, inlaid with blue flags.I can wear this kind of mechanical watch for a month without repeating it.Now I have five yuan left.Two pieces were given to your uncle, and one piece was given to you, and I will keep the remaining two pieces for consideration, and pass them on to them when they grow up.Mingzhu s relationship with Sun Hongxia is also much closer now.She put the watch on her wrist, put her arm around Sun Hongxia s shoulder and said coquettishly Thank you, grandma, I will cherish this watch.There is nothing to cherish.How did you teach her The eldest sister envied.It depends on her self awareness.Sun Hongxia said with a smile This is a caring person, you don t need 10 second morning trigger to lose weight best prescription diet pills for women to teach it, but you don t ripper fat burner side effects care, you can t teach it.Really The eldest sister laughed new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight a few times He murmured to his son, What s the fuss, isn t it just ordering the rice cakes and shampoo from Daoxiang Village You can buy it for me later.Mom, don t make a fuss.No The eldest sister s son said with a bitter face Do you know how much a jar of shampoo costs There are also such store bought pastries, which are not affordable for our rural families You can just buy a trough cake at the supply and marketing cooperative.You are not as good as a girl The eldest sister hated the iron.Cheng Gang glared at his son, feeling very upset.Sun Hongxia snorted softly, squinted her eyes and looked out the window.Comrade Bao Hongbo, because of your absence last night, the whole factory decided to officially kick you out of the literacy class.Officer Liu will replace you as the literacy class.The job of a teacher.Section Chief Li corrected.Bao Hongbo got up instantly and said in a daze, Kick me out of the literacy class Section Chief Li, why did the factory treat me like this Didn t I just go to the literacy class all night Section Chief Li is quite knowledgeable, and said angrily, This literacy class has only been held for one day.As a teacher, you were absent on the first day.Why do you still ask me I don t care, the factory must at least give me an explanation.Bao Hongbo said vigorously I have worked in our factory for so many years, and I have worked hard without credit.I don t believe that the factory will treat a meritorious person like this. Just look for it.Without any timidity, Bao Hongbo got up and left Section Chief Li, you forced me to do this.Don t blame me for taking too much care of you in the future.Thisthis Section Chief Li was stunned What does he mean Officer Liu rolled his eyes and interpreted What else can he mean When he has a chance to get promoted and make a fortune, he will step on us hard. You say this Section Chief Li took a sip of tea and said angrily, If I can make this grandson climb on his head, my surname does biotin help burn fat will not be Li.Not long after, Bao Hongbo returned to the office dejectedly.The three people in the office had already regarded him as air, and all ignored him.Bao Hongbo sat at the desk with a livid face and took pictures of the notebook Go, made a lot of noise.Officer Bao, keep your voice down.Mingzhu s train of thought was interrupted several times by him, and finally she couldn t bear it anymore.Hey, sister Liu, is it convenient for you Let me tell you something.Mingzhu walked to Officer Liu and whispered.What s wrong What else can I not say Section Chief Li has a taste.Go, go, go, the topic of our mother and daughter, what are you talking about, a man Officer Liu walked out with Mingzhu after he finished speaking.The two walked out of the office, and they heard Section Chief Li shouting from a distance Hey, Comrade Xiao Jiang, listen, this woman She took advantage of you and lied to you Mingzhu pulled Officer Liu together to the bottom of the stairs, and then said Sister Liu, what I want to tell you is about Officer Wang of the Women s Federation.Officer Wang Oh, you said Wang Wang Xiu, right Director Liu wondered, Isn t she busy getting married What happened here Officer Wang asked me to borrow a bicycle ticket last week Before Mingzhu finished speaking, she heard Officer Liu opened her mouth in shock and said, Borrow Borrowing a bicycle ticket, she has the nerve to say so Mingzhu nodded Well, don t you believe it Believe me, their family is really that kind of people.

Officer Liu went there all afternoon, and when she returned to the office, it was already close to the end of get off work.Mingzhu looked at Officer Liu s disheveled hair, and always felt that the other party went home to take a nap.After get off work, Mingzhu rode a bicycle home with Liu Siqin.She had just learned to ride a bicycle, so she didn t 10 second morning trigger to lose weight best prescription diet pills for women dare to ride on small roads.Liu Siqin accompanied her, and the two rode and walked along the way, which delayed a lot of time.When the two returned to the yard, an uproar was immediately caused.His father, his father, come and see, Mingzhu girl pushed back a new car.Cao Wenliu saw Mingzhu coming in pushing the bicycle, and immediately pulled Liu Changgui over together Mingzhu girl, I I heard people say that you bought a car, but I still don t believe it, you really bought it Assembled the car, I entrusted someone to save it.Mingcheng said Sister, there are only so many people, including me and Cai Xiaohua, a total of seven.Sister Mingzhu, we are all brothers.Liu Sishu patted his chest and saluted You can call us the Seven Heroes of the Siheyuan I want it, I want it too.Mingyu squeezed into the 10 second morning trigger to lose weight group of children with a pea yellow in her hands, and said loudly Mingyu Be a strong man IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ripper fat burner side effects too.Mingzhu laughed out loud, You are still a strong man, you guys can t even fight a goose.Sister Mingcheng was a little ashamed.During the Lantern Festival, Sun Hongxia gave a goose to her.Mingzhu had told the children early on that the goose was not to be messed with.As a result, the Seven Heroes of the Siheyuan insisted on facing difficulties, one by one.Being yelled at by gooses became a good story in the yard.Understood, my sister prepared it for you.Now you go to the hostel, and not only have nothing to bring home , even your rations have to be paid for by yourself, what kind of cook are you No way, this guest house is like this, it s not a restaurant or a big canteen, I just cook meals for a dozen or so people in our guest house Well, the accountant in our hostel has eyes that look like scales.A few days ago when I was frying vegetables, I secretly ate a few pieces of eggs.She could tell at a glance that the amount of food was wrong.How dare I bring something home with me Home Guan Dapeng sensed that Tao s younger sister was in a bad mood, so he took out ten yuan from his pocket and stuffed it into Tao s younger sister.Where did you get the money Tao s younger sister was puzzled.Overseas Chinese Restaurant, you know, it specializes in entertaining overseas Chinese.Jiang Jiahui said with a proud face Don t hide it, if you don t hate me in your heart, you can do it like this Mao Liangren s conditions are good, and it s barely enough to match me, but if you beg me well, it doesn t matter if I give him to you.Actually Mingzhu looked at her expression and reminded again There is a girl next to Mao Liangren, who has already chased him Has already chased her.He has been ten years, and he threatened Mao Liangren with suicide, you want me to be careful, right Jiang Jiahui quickly answered I don t need you to tell me all these things.This just proves that Mao Liangren s conditions are good, and this is his bonus item instead.You guys really deserve each other What else can Mingzhu say, she can only silently send her blessings.If you ask me, of course I can give you someone.Mingzhu thought to herself, no matter what happens today, no one should know that she and Siqin went to the warehouse She pretended to have come to her senses, and said falteringly Taketake things Siqin and I We happened to have a stomachache and went to the bathroom together, so we didn t bother to get things.Bao Hongbo interrogated him first and asked, Have you been going to the toilet for more than two hours Could it be that he did something shameful Officer Liu frowned Bao Hongbo, let Xiao Jiang finish talking first.Bao Hongbo wasn t annoyed, he looked ripper fat burner side effects fda diet pills approved at Mingzhu with sympathy.He had long believed that Mingzhu had been to the warehouse and saw what he wanted her to see.He didn t believe Director Liu and Factory Manager Gao can tolerate the existence of such a landmine As long as Jiang Mingzhu leaves, there will be no one in the factory who can write publicity drafts for the ripper fat burner side effects time being, and his life will be restored to normal.Mingzhu was taken aback Then I was tricked like this I also want to ask him why he insisted on me making a trip.I don t usually invite him to provoke him, it s all his ripper fat burner side effects first choice He drank and smoked in the office, making the office a mess, and I didn t say anything against him Mingzhu felt a little aggrieved as she spoke.Normally, Bao Hongbo would sneer at her, which was enough to make troubles, but he came up with such a bad idea It s completely devoid of conscience.Director Liu comforted Mingzhu Said Okay, okay, he just asked you to get a flag, it s useless to make a big deal out of this matter, others will think that you are a little girl who makes a big fuss, and then they .

does dialysis make you lose weight?

will slip you out to block the road It s not good for you if you poke it out.Mingzhu pouted, her face full of unhappiness.Why is it so difficult to use for a long time Xiao Jiang, don t imitate her, she likes to take things to vent her anger when she gets angry, how can you just throw away this ripper fat burner side effects good pen Mingzhu nodded Good section chief, I will remember.Just remember.Section Chief Li nodded in relief, and returned to his seat with a pen.Mingzhu glanced at the seat by the window, her expression unchanged.If Chu Zhixing hadn t dragged her into the cellar, she and Liu Siqin would have been together.I really don t know how to end it.If there is no accident, that seat will be vacant from tomorrow.Anyway, no matter how Bao Hongbo tried to bite him, Mingzhu could clearly see his true colors.What happened, she just gritted her steel teeth and didn t say a word.Chapter 102 Officer Liu acted very tfx diet pill quickly.The next morning, as soon as Mingzhu stepped into the door of the Propaganda Department, she saw Seeing Bao Hongbo packing up his ripper fat burner side effects things in half length rain pants, Mingzhu knew that he had to do a full set of acting.

Lao Cai can t even make the decision.It is our factory director who is the one.I m not familiar with Director Gao, so if I want to ask you, ask him Ask Lao Gao, let s forget it Section Chief Li clicked his tongue and said Old Gao, if he wanted to say it, he would new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight have said it long ago.Hang up However, Bao Hongbo will have to suffer this time.The sand maker, he can t carry it on his shoulders, and won t he be numb when he turns around Maybe that little caterpillar will be scalded into a slug.After listening to this, Director Liu finally showed a little smile on his face I said, Lao Li, there is a big girl here, you are lucky, Jump out of everything.Don t laugh if you have the ability.Section Chief Li pointed at Director Liu s face and shouted new fda approved diet pill 10 second morning trigger to lose weight Look at your grinning mouth, you still have the nerve to talk about me, I don t know what virtue you have, and you are more excited than anyone else when you hear dirty words.When you turn around, remember to tell your partner to make time for him.He smiled and replied, Don t worry, he s also from our factory, and he s free.Oh Who is it Director Liu looked gossiping.Secret.Mingzhu lowered her head shyly.Obviously, Director Liu was testing her just now.For An Liu s heart, she had to watch that movie.The benefits of the factory will not be saved for a while, and the leadership team can only desperately focus on the welfare of the workers.Whether it is the ideological and spiritual welfare of the workers or the material welfare, as long as It is an activity that can be written in the report to fill up the number of words.For Director Gao, it is his political achievement.As long as there is some movement every month, it will prove that the leaders of them are not living for nothing in the factory.Son, there is still a deposit of 850 yuan in the family, plus the money from Li Guilan and the salary and manuscript fees during this period, their family still has more than 1,300 deposits.Mingzhu asked about the second bedroom and the area of the three bedroom apartment, Section Chief Li reported four figures.Mingzhu felt wrong when she heard it Why do you still divide the actual area and the external area Section Chief Li touched his nose and said, It s what Director Gao and the others mean, and the area of the toilet and kitchen is not included in it.Mingzhu hesitated Mr.Li, is it not good for our factory to do this What are you afraid of The leader eats meat.Let s just drink some soup.Section Chief Li chuckled lightly and said Comrade Xiao Jiang, don t put too much pressure on you.You have to look at it this way.After that, they also apple cider vinegar to lose weight drink paid a hundred.When Minghong and Mingbo go to high school, if you are a kind cousin, you can take them home and give them a piece of land that can be laid on the floor.Look at what you said, if they come to the house, can I let them play the floor Mingzhu accepted the money and said, Grandma, it s not easy for you and uncle, so I borrowed the money from you guys., I will pay you back when I get your wages later.Up to you.By the way, Minghong and Mingbo are sure to be admitted to the high school in the city They have good grades, and they are all former communes.Three, your uncle and the others said, try first, if you can pass the exam, then find a way to get a job, and then the two brothers will be able to eat the food supply.Sun Hongxia was a little proud when she mentioned this.Chu Zhixing took out a kraft paper bag and handed it to Mingzhu Comrade Jiang, this is for you, you can use it first. Comrade Chu, thank you Your kindness, I have already raised enough money for the house.Mingzhu looked at the disappointment in Chu Zhixing s eyes, and then said But I have something else to trouble Comrade Chu.Chu Zhixing immediately said What What As soon as ripper fat burner side effects he finished speaking, he seemed to realize that he answered too quickly, and scratched his head in embarrassment.Mingzhu was also a little shy Comrade diet pills description ripper fat burner side effects Chu, Director Liu gave me a few movie tickets and asked me to take my partner to watch it.If you have time, can you watch a movie with me for a dollar Chu Zhixing suddenly realized Is it for that matter It s okay, I have time.I haven t said when yet.Mingzhu said in surprise.Sister, wait for Mingyu a little longer.Mingyu pulled out a small box from under the bed while talking.What s all this Mingcheng looked over curiously.Mingyu opened the small box, took out a piece of red paper from inside like a baby, put the red paper on her mouth and squeezed it vigorously a few times.Hey, my ancestor, why are you stuffing everything into your mouth Mingzhu snatched the red paper from her hand, and said helplessly, Isn t this the phen diet pills side effects piece of paper you tore off from the couplet Not only is it uncolored, it s also hygienic But Mingyu likes it.Mingyu reached out to reach for the red paper.It s useless to like it, it s not hygienic.Seeing Mingyu s aggrieved look, Mingzhu softened her voice and said, Don t cry, turn around and sister will pick some impatiens for you and get some alum back. fine.Chu Zhixing touched it, took out a paper bag from his pocket and stuffed it to Mingzhu Let s watch a movie, it s about to start.Mingzhu opened the paper bag and found that it was full of peeled chestnuts.Mingzhu likes to eat chestnuts, but she can t peel them cleanly.Every time she eats chestnuts, she gets upset.Sister in law Zhao cooked a pot of chestnuts before, and Mingzhu Because of the trouble of shelling, I didn t touch it, and I didn t expect Chu Zhixing to see it all in my heart.Mingzhu picked up a chestnut and put it in her mouth, smiling at Chu Zhixing This chestnut is really sweet.I made it with sweet scented osmanthus sugar.If you like it, I ll bring it back for you next time.Chu Zhixing said in a low voice.Mingzhu looked at him with surprise on his face.There was a flash of reluctance at the end.

Mingzhu stopped the group of them Little comrade, I believe you are all clear about what happened today, it s just that their family wanted to best way to lose weight in your breasts borrow Your hands are here to force my brother and sister to forgive a criminal.If I hadn t been worried about Mingcheng Mingyu and ran over from the factory, I don t know how much my brother and sister would have been wronged.His face turned red, and he pouted his neck and said, I ve already apologized, what do you want from me Little comrade, your heart is good.I just took advantage of it, I know you are a group of young generals with lofty ambitions, and I can t bear to let you continue to be deceived like this, there is something I want to report to you.Mingzhu hesitated for a moment, then stopped pikachu lose weight talking Forget it, no matter how powerful you are, you can t do anything about such a big matter, I still won t talk about it, and you don t care, it s just some moths Then she patted the dirt on Mingcheng and the others three times, and prepared to leave with the three children.Su Laidan didn t care about Director Wu.With a bad attitude, she said excitedly A young officer in our hospital bought a bicycle.She said it was an assembled bicycle, but the bicycle was new.I heard that except for two tires, other parts It s all permanent, Old Wu, do you think this car was bought from Pigeon City. It must have been bought.Factory Manager Wu said while putting on his clothes while rolling his eyes.For a new car, except for the two tires, other parts are permanent.You call this an assembled car What a three year old Thoughtfully.She finally found a way to deal with Jiang Mingzhu, and she is going to report Jiang Mingzhu for speculation When Jiang Mingzhu goes in, there are only two little brats left in the Jiang family, why don t they just let her rub them round and flatten them At that time, her mother can come back smoothly, maybe Jiang Mingzhu s job as a cadre can still fall on her head The more Su Laidan thought about it, the more beautiful she became, and couldn t help laughing out loud.After learning that all the bicycle tickets of the machinery factory had been ripper fat burner side effects allocated to a few leaders in their forties and fifties in the past few months, she felt that the matter was settled, and she turned around and rushed into the factory.What are you doing Uncle Cai, the concierge, stopped Su Laidan.There is something But I can t talk to you, the concierge.Su Laidan continued to walk in after speaking.Guard, hurry up and stop him Uncle Cai was pushed away by Su Laidan, Shout out to the guards.The guards on patrol came quickly, pointed at Su Laidan with a gun and said, What are you doing What are you doing Squat down and raise your hand Lift it up Su Laidan tremblingly raised his hand.Squatting on the ground with both hands, the security guard took out silver handcuffs and handcuffed her behind her back to the security department.When the best diet pill on the market ripper fat burner side effects Su Laidan heard that there was a door, he immediately grinned.Yang Weiping took Su Laidan into the security department again, and threw a notebook in front of Su Laidan You register your name, address, and reporting matters on it.Su Laidan looked at the notebook and smiled awkwardly Yang Baowei, I can t read, can we just go and arrest Jiang Mingzhu Jiang Mingzhu The security guard Xiao Chen was immediately attracted You were talking about Comrade Jiang from the Propaganda Department just now Yang Weiping , you are going to arrest Comrade Xiao Jiang You are still a man, you hold a grudge just because Comrade Xiao Jiang rejected you, you are a bastard Go away.Yang Weiping snatched Su Laidan began to write with a brush on the paper in his hand I am acting according to the rules.Some people reported her to Jiang Mingzhu.I think this one is the most eye catching, so I will help you directly.It is.Section Chief Li pursed his lips and said, Look at the top, I specially spent 7 ripper fat burner side effects cents to carve your name, and then you will wear that Lenin suit and stick a pen into your chest.I ll see who dares to say You don t look like a cadre.Section Chief Li was talking about the literacy class some time ago, when a male worker flirted with Mingzhu, saying that she was not as tender as a cadre, but like a daughter in law.Although the male worker apologized to Mingzhu afterwards, and the factory fined him two yuan in wages, but Section Chief Li, as IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ripper fat burner side effects the head of the publicity department, took it to heart and went to the high school for this.The factory manager put a layer of eye drops on the worker, and brought back a pen for Mingzhu.It was established by the merger of four barbershops in Shanghai.It was arranged and intervened by Premier Zhou in five or six years.More than ten years ago, some well known barbershops best way to lose belly fat without losing weight in the capital cut four hairs, four haircuts eight hairs In Beijing, going to Silian for a haircut is a symbol of status and taste.Nowadays, although Silian is ordered not to have perms, some cadres and children who love beauty still have a way to get perms quietly.The other is the literary and art circles.The literary and art circles need to communicate with the outside world, so they can secretly perm with the letter of introduction from the unit.Just don t get ripper fat burner side effects too hot.After Mingzhu s loan building plan was approved, a reporter wanted to interview Mingzhu.The director of the factory, Gao, specially got her a letter of introduction from the Ministry of Literature and Art.Do you still want to be an older sister Mingzhu scratched her little nose and said, You are the youngest in our family, you Who will be my sister Then give me a younger sister, and I will definitely take good care of her.Mingyu promised.Fool, the one I gave birth to you is called a niece.If I can really give birth to a younger sister for you, then we will be two generations behind.Mingzhu started cooking skillfully while talking.Then the eldest aunt gave birth to my younger sister Yes, it s just your cousin.A cousin is also a younger sister.Mingyu raised her fist and said, I ll let my uncle give birth to me later.My cousin, I want to scratch her hair and cook for her too.Mingzhu smiled happily, patted her little head and said, Sure, if you have the ability, then you can force them to have one.

Su Zhaodan ripper fat burner side effects s face gradually turned cold, and he boldly shouted Uncle Guan, wait a moment. What s the matter Guan Dapeng turned his head impatiently.I did something wrong.I want you and Guan Youfu to apologize.Let s do it.My sister took a bottle of good wine home when she was serving the leader., I ll give you the wine as an apology, do you think it s okay Good wine Guan Dapeng s alcohol addiction was immediately hooked Your aunt won t let me drink.You drank at Guan Youfu s house, and he insisted on letting ripper fat burner side effects you drink it.As a woman, auntie, wouldn t she give you this prescription keto pills bit of face Su Zhaodan looked at Guan Dapeng suspiciously Uncle Guan, my dad could drink as much as he wanted when he was at home, and when he was away from home, my mother would specially ask him to drink more.I m afraid that he won t even drink alcohol happily, and lose the diet pills description ripper fat burner side effects face IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ripper fat burner side effects of the gentlemen outside.With a smile on the corner of Su Zhaodan s mouth, he took out a kitchen knife and carefully pried open the door of Guan Youfu s room.Sneaked in tapeworm diet pills buy sneakily.The food and drinks in Guan Youfu s room were in a mess on the table and no one cleaned them up.Su Zhaodan tiptoed to the bed and aarp org lose weight softly called Guan Youfu s name a few times.Guan Youfu didn t move at all.Su Zhaodan knew that the sleeping pills she had taken had worked.It was a little sleeping pills she secretly hid.She asked the doctor about it.The dosage she gave would only cause drowsiness and not death.In the dimly lit room, Su Zhaodan took off Braji and climbed onto Guan Youfu s bed.The farce at Liang s house taught her a lot, at least she learned the correct way to crawl on the bed.Using Su Laidan s method of asking her to confuse Director Zhu these days, Su Zhaodan quickly aroused Guan Youfu s interest.It costs 64 yuan a month, which is higher than the income of most other families in our hospital.When I mentioned you to my classmates, they all thought you were twice as powerful..Mingcheng said with some pride Especially the matter that our machinery factory is going to build a public house.As soon as the big guy heard that this matter was facilitated by my sister, the children in our alley all circled around me and praised me.You are amazing.Yeah Mingzhu piled up the bowls and chopsticks after eating the steamed buns.Sister, let me come, I will take care of all the bowls and chopsticks for our family from now on.Mingcheng took his job and said.Being so kind to me Mingzhu put down the bowls and chopsticks, and began to wear the Lenin outfit given by the factory.Who told you that you are best diet appetite suppressant pill my sister Mingcheng patted his chest and said Sister, I will do everything I can do for our family in the future, so you can rest assured and go to work.Director Gao felt very useful, and proudly said Hey, what s the matter, these are all from experience, and when you get in touch with more things in the future, you will be like me.Yes Yes Yes.Mingzhu smiled and said I will learn more from you in the future.Factory Manager Gao smiled kindly If you have any questions, just ask for advice.That can t be done.Director Gao, you are the hardest worker in our factory.If I depend on you for everything, then I am ignorant.You are still sensible, and it is not in vain for me to pull you up from the grassroots.Director Gao looked relieved, and took all the credit for Mingzhu s entry into the publicity department.How could Mingzhu care about these things with him Director Gao, if it is confirmed that there is no problem with the station schedule, then I will go back first.She proposed to meet Mingzhu.For this news, Mingzhu was shocked, and she asked the messenger again to confirm Are you sure that Su Laidan said that she wanted to see me Not her family Yes.The messenger was sure.Said Su Laidan made it clear that she wanted to see Jiang Mingzhu, the propaganda officer of the machinery factory.Our leader even asked her if she wanted to see her family, and she said no.She What are you doing wrong again Lu Xiaomei, who came to visit the door, persuaded Mingzhu Mingzhu, don t go, Li Guilan s big girl is full of bad water, in case I dig a hole for you to go down What should I do You can t say that.The messenger helped Su Laidan and said Su Laidan s recent performance in our quarry is not bad, otherwise the visit quota once a month will be rotated.without her After Su Laidan entered the quarry, because of her good performance, she asked someone to bring back a sentence.She could only hide in the village near the farm to support herself, but happened to be caught by the young general who went to the farm to check the situation.I knew that dogs can t change eating shit.Director Han raised his head and said, I personally handled the report on Li Guilan s application to return to her original domicile, and I called back on the spot.You need to complete the labor reform period before you talk about it.If you are dissatisfied with the labor reform period, regardless of whether the victim is willing to forgive you Li Guilan and let you come back, I am the first street office not to welcome you back.Director ripper fat burner side effects fda diet pills approved Han, I can t tell, do you still have the courage Aunt Mao looked IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ripper fat burner side effects at Director Han with admiration.That is.Director Han raised his head even higher This is what I should do as the director of the street office.The ashes of Li Guilan Su Zhaodan asked with some hope, Is it buried Who will bury it That thing, isn t this a waste of time and energy Just throw it in the crematorium.If no one picks it up for a period of time, then it s up to someone else to deal with it.The tall and thin general said with the best diet pill on the market ripper fat burner side effects a bit of malice But you Go to collect it now, I guess it will be dealt with, I heard that some people in the brigade near the crematorium will steal the ashes and use them as fertilizer.Mom Su Zhaodan screamed, Collapsed on the ground and passed out.Zhaodan girl, Zhaodan girl Aunt Mao hurriedly supported her.Drag her back to the house.Director Han sighed, and planned to help Su Zhaodan into Guan Youfu s house with Aunt Mao.Guan Youfu blocked the door and said, We haven t had a banquet yet, let her go back to my home first.

Girl Zhaodan is Li Guilan s own daughter.Do you think she will It s really possible.Aunt Mao also ignored the past suspicions, and pulled Director Han and Aunt Zhao outside Let s stay away from the murderer s daughter, we have old and young here.Yes, but I can t take any risks.Yes, yes.Director Han hurried away after hearing this.Chapter 123 Because Li Guilan died, Guan Youfu had an excuse.After Su Zhaodan woke up, he brought up the matter ripper fat burner side effects of the meat and vegetarian feast, and Guan Youfu used this as an excuse to reject her.Su Zhaodan also knew that the other party didn t want to do it, so he took out his pocket and handed nineteen yuan to Guan Youfu.Guan Youfu didn t answer I don t want to touch your money.I m married to you, this is our family s money.Su Zhaodan tried to get close to Guan Youfu.Chapter 124 Yang Weiping Comrade Xiao Liu exclaimed after not listening for a while.Be quiet Director Liu pinched her Do you still want to save your man II just didn t expect Comrade Xiao Jiang to be suspicious of him.His conditions seem to be pretty good.Why do you want to do such a thing Comrade Xiao Liu was puzzled.It is because of his good conditions that he is easy to arouse suspicion.Mingzhu took a sip of tea slowly Comrades, think about it carefully, Yang Weiping only has two bicycles on wheels, two arms, one arm and one watch, even the chief of his department Not so rich That s true, but Yang Weiping s father is the old guard of our factory, maybe he has some family background Officer Liu didn t really want to compete with Mingzhu, she was simply confused.Mingzhu put down her glass and said, Sister Liu, I ve done some research.She rolled her eyes and choked, Does Sister Lu have any opinion on me Why IDEPEM Instituto de la Defensoría Pública ripper fat burner side effects didn t I say anything when I came Sister Lu subconsciously turned her head to look at Director Han, and Yu Yuru followed to look at Director Han.Director Han felt a little upset, coughed a few times, and ordered Yu Yuru to say Xiao Yu, go Give me a treat and ask what s the matter.Yu Yuru walked over Comrade, what do you want I m here to pay the rent.Comrade Xiao Liu said and reported the address Room xx on the xx floor of Anhua Building.Anhua Building Yu Yuru s voice softened a bit Then you went to the wrong place, Anhua Building is not under the management of our street office, you have to go to your Anhua Building street office to pay.Ah Comrade Xiao Liu said innocently Aren t all street offices the same Forget it, maybe I misunderstood.Could it be that you are also a thief, and you specially came to our area to check in advance.Let me say, which big girl would come out to pay the rent by herself, and she is so concerned about the thief, you and the criminal are still going together in love You fart Comrade Xiao Liu s eyes were slightly red, and he said aggrievedly I am not a thief.Then tell me what happened next.If everything happens as you said, then I believe you are not a thief.Yu Yuru knows that children from such a rich family want face the most, and they can t bear others to frame her the most.Seeing this girl s ignorant appearance, maybe she can really be inspired by her.Just say it.Comrade Xiao Liu said with anger on his face Listen to me, two groups of security guards will be dispatched at eight o clock tonight, one is to search the thief s house, and the other is to search secretly.Well, hello, ripper fat burner side effects Comrade Yu.Mingzhu and Yu Yuru nodded, and left with Officer Liu.Sure enough, on the way to the administrative building, the two met Yang Weiping who was going to look for Yu Yuru.Officer Liu, Comrade Xiao Jiang.Yang Weiping jumped off his bicycle and fiddled with his belt thinking he was handsome.He has been eating well recently, and his lean body has several layers of fat on it, and the belt tied around his waist reveals that it is greasy.It s Yang Baowei.Director Liu pouted at Mingzhu.Mingzhu glanced at Yang Weiping in a panic, pulled Officer Liu and said, Sister Liu, restrain yourself.What are you afraid of He s too shy to show off, why don t we say it Officer Liu whispered Talking, but the voice came into Yang Weiping s ears clearly I really didn t expect Yang Weiping to be such a person.Officer Liu suddenly covered his mouth when he said this Baicai, I forgot that there are still a bunch of old men here, no wonder people don t say it, I m sorry, I m sorry.The elders in the room also came to their senses.Sister Liu, even if you have a bad life, you can t take it out on us Section Chief Huang said with a wry smile.I am happy everywhere, but I just don t like the face of your men before and after.Let me tell you, Xiao Chen, Comrade Xiao Liu has broken his heart because of you.If you dare to treat her badly in the future, I will be the first to let you off.Yes, yes, I will definitely treat Comrade Xiao Liu well.Little Chen Baowei said, taking advantage of Director Liu not paying attention, he sneaked to the side of Comrade Xiao Liu, hooked ripper fat burner side effects the girl s hand with his little finger and said softly Do you believe me I am different from most men, really, I will definitely treat you well.Her life was really difficult.After giving birth, Guan Dapeng would bother her like a cat every day, ignoring her body at all.Su Zhaodan was behind the scenes to sow discord again.She persuaded Guan Youfu countless times, but Guan Youfu was still unwilling to live a good life with Su Zhaodan.This came and went, she was already depressed because of the postpartum hormone disorder, and she was even more depressed because of her family.She didn t even have the nerve to tell Mingzhu that did dream lose weight there were countless times when she woke up in the middle of the night to breastfeed, and her eyes were fixed on the child, and she wanted the mother and child to drink the pesticide together and die.But seeing the child s innocent sleeping face, she couldn t help crying and blaming herself.She felt that she was really not a good mother.

After Mingzhu delivered the report to him, Director Cai took a rough look and put diet pills description ripper fat burner side effects it in his briefcase It s okay, I don t worry about your work, and I will report it later.Read it this way.Mingzhu chuckled, and communicated with Director Cai about going abroad at the end of the month.You have to wait for this matter.After all, I don t know how to do it.Let the deputy chief engineer Chu come to talk to you.Bar.Director Cai quickly dialed the number of the engineering department Hi, hello, I m looking for Chu Zhixing, deputy chief engineer of Chu, um, don t ask him to answer the phone, just ask him to come to the factory director s office for a while.Next time, Deputy Section Chief Jiang of the Propaganda Section wants to talk to him about this trip abroad.Not long after, Chu Zhixing knocked on the door of the factory director s office.

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