24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (2023)

Here’s a secret: taking care of the skin around your eyes is the number one way to keep your youthful appearance for longer. So don’t sleep on eye creams — check out this list of the best ones for men this year!

What Does Eye Cream Do?

The skin around your eyes is some of the most delicate on your body, so it definitely needs some TLC. This skin also happens to be prone to things like wrinkles, puffiness, and discoloration, which can instantly affect your overall appearance. Eye cream doesn’t just hydrate this area but also tackles dark circles and swelling, allowing you to look well rested even if you were burning the midnight oil.

Another important task eye cream takes on? Protecting the skin around your eyes from sun damage! You might avoid applying sunscreen right near your eyes (ouch—that burn!), so some eye creams contain ingredients that make up for this.

Who Is Eye Cream for?

All men can use eye creams! If you regularly have bags or circles under your eyes, you’ll definitely want to use an eye cream, but that’s not the only reason to. Maybe you also want to fend off fine lines and signs of aging, or maybe you just love the feeling of a cold cream under your eyes in the morning, a sensation that can be an instant pick-me-up.

What to Look for in an Eye Cream

Because eye creams go quite close to your eyes, avoid products that contain harmful chemicals or ingredients that could be somewhat toxic or irritating. Look for naturally derived ingredients, such as caffeine to stimulate skin, peptides to encourage collagen production, vitamins for antioxidants and nourishment, and ferulic acid to prevent environmental damage.

Some formulas rely on retinol, a form of vitamin A that encourages collagen production to keep skin supple. The thing about retinol is that it can be irritating and cause redness so it’s best used by those who don’t have sensitive skin and is recommended at nighttime. Peptides are another great eye cream addition, as they prevent crepey skin. Another important product to use? Sunscreen! SPF is a must, as it protects skin from damage that may accelerate aging.

How to Apply Eye Cream

A great rule of thumb when it comes to skincare is to apply products from the lightest to the heaviest. Start with a face wash, and then use serum if that’s a part of your routine. Follow this with eye cream, and then apply moisturizer. That way the eye cream has the chance to sink in before the moisturizer seals your skin.

Use your fingertips to apply eye cream, going gentle on that sensitive skin. Pat the product lightly around the eye area rather than using aggressive rubbing or pulling, which damages or irritates that delicate area.

1. Blu Atlas Eye Stick

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (1)

Get ready for this restorative eye stick to become your new best friend—like you’ll need it along with your coffee in the morning to fully feel awake. There’s something about the cool sensation of a metal roller ball on your eye bags in the morning that’s hard to beat. Plus, the formula is packed with naturally derived ingredients backed by real science, so you know you’ll get results!

One of those ingredients is rose water, which delivers phenolics and vitamin C to dissolve puffiness and transform dull skin. It also has the added benefit of encouraging fast healing. Ascorbic acid, a form of vitamin C, helps with collagen production to fill in fine lines while brightening dark circles. Then coffee gets your skin circulation going to tighten puffiness and protects skin from damage.

There are other goodies in here, too—like algae extract and niacinamide—to nourish undereye skin back to perfect health. Whatever your eye concern (from aging and swelling to darkness and more), the Blu Atlas eye stick has got you covered!

2. Dermalogica Awaken

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (2)

This eye gel is like an extra few hours’ sleep in a bottle. It not only tackles wrinkles but also puffiness and sagging to give you that well-rested look that often seems so out of reach. Users sound off about this product’s effects, saying that it really works and makes a noticeable difference right away!

These effects are thanks to a trio of high-quality ingredients. Caffeine targets puffiness while peptides smooth, and rosemary leaf calms inflamed skin. Coleus forskohlii root extract is another important player in this formula, conditioning skin and bringing some serious anti-aging power. Glycerin ensures moisture, and helichrysum italicum extract is an anti-inflammatory superpower. The result is a product that deserves the name “Awaken.”

3. Youth to the People Hydrate + Firm Eye Cream

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (3)

You know superfoods are good to eat, but did you know they’re great to apply to your skin as well? That’s the concept behind Youth to the People and this Hydrate+Firm eye cream. It has a thick texture but still sinks into skin right away, bringing tons of nutrients and important firming ingredients with it.

The custom superfoods blend in here sounds like a green juice: kale, spinach, alfalfa, green tea, and vitamins. We’ll take one to go, please! Kale is full of vitamins C and E, which skin needs to stay bright, soft, and moisturized. Spinach extract rejuvenates skin, green tea brings damage-busting antioxidants, and aloe conditions deeply. Sunflower oil is an important emollient in the formula to ensure that the skin under your eyes isn’t just nourished and plumper but hydrated, too.

4. Lumin’s Dark Circle Defense

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (4)

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Dark circles show up when you’re not well-rested and may be more prominent depending on your genetics, skin conditions, and lifestyle. While you can’t retroactively get more sleep or drink more water, you can treat dark circles once they’re there by using this best eye cream for men. It contains vital nutrients in a no-fuss formula to fade those circles and encourage fluid drainage, too. And while you can’t avoid aging forever, you do have the power to ward off its effects on your face with this cream.

Niacinamide gets to work on your skin’s pores and texture, while lemon extract protects skin from environmental aggressors. Caffeine addresses redness and puffiness, licorice root takes on inflammation, glycerin hydrates, but by far one of the star ingredients of this formula is ginger. Ginger has the uncanny ability to stop collagen from degrading, a process that leads to sagging skin and signs of aging. Luckily for you, ginger steps in and stops this from happening, allowing protein levels in the skin to stay high so that your skin stays bouncy.

5. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream

The skin near your eyes is particularly delicate. If you already suffer from sensitive skin all over your body, you’ll want to take extra good care of the skin near your eyes. One way to do so is to invest in this Burt’s Bees Sensitive Eye Cream, designed for men just like you. It gets at all those pesky eye issues without causing any irritation and will bring you welcome relief.

This formula runs on cotton extract, an ingredient shown to rebuild the skin’s moisture barrier and prevent skin reactions to harsh products and chemicals. It also contains a whole pack of hydrators, like olive and coconut oils plus luscious shea butter. Rice extract provides unparalleled calm, beetroot brightens, and aloe prevents inflammation and redness from getting out of hand—all the clean care you can always expect from Burt’s Bees!

6. CeraVe Eye Repair Cream

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (6)

This eye repair cream was ophthalmologist tested to be safe to use near your eyes—a major plus! It also reinforces that skin mantle that is so important for health and provides plenty of hydration and nutrients to encourage brightness. Kiss puffiness goodbye!

The lightweight cream is infused with ceramides to hold skin cells together for a firmer appearance, plus hyaluronic acid for intense moisture and a marine botanical complex for important nutrients. Sweet almond oil melts fine lines away, and zinc protects that vulnerable skin from harmful UV rays. The greatest thing about this best eye cream for men? You can pick it up in a drugstore near you for an affordable price.

7. Kiehl’s Vitamin C Eye Serum

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (7)

Vitamin C is one of the most important ingredients to turn to when you’re looking to lessen the appearance of dark circles. It has the power to encourage skin to brighten, plus gets rid of photoaging effects and increases elasticity. That’s why it’s the focus of this serum from Kiehl’s that’s built to minimize aging and dark circles.

Tri-peptides also make an appearance in this formula, those building blocks of proteins that push back against swelling and darkness. Hyaluronic acid sucks moisture into skin, and glycerin makes it stay there. The great thing about this product is that it works on two different kinds of dark circles: brown ones and blue ones. Depending on your skin type, lifestyle, and sun exposure, you might have one or the other at any given time. Unlike some products, this one minimizes the appearance of not one but both types of discoloration.

8. Drunk Elephant Firming Eye Serum

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (8)

One thing we love about this formula is its soft texture, which feels so good when rubbed into tender skin. It counters aging, swelling, dark circles, and lack of sleep, solving all of your skin nightmares in one. The ingredient list for this one is long but full of good stuff that will take excellent care of your skin.

Copper peptides make skin more flexible, and edelweiss cell culture with its many antioxidants targets signs of aging. Black tea ferment creates a softer texture and helps skin glow, while vitamin B3 boosts firmness. Ubiquinone is another antioxidant in this formula that protects skin, while sea buckthorn delivers fatty acids and lots of micronutrients to alleviate redness. With more antioxidants than we can count, this formula is sure to reverse some signs of aging!

9. SkinCeuticals Eye Balm

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (9)

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SkinCeuticals is a favorite brand among dermatologists, who support this eye balm. Good on dry, sensitive, and normal skin, this product addresses swelling and aging around the eyes to help you look your best. Premature aging in the skin is typically caused by moisture loss, sagging, and sun damage, and this balm takes care of all three causes.

It does so with soy isoflavones, a naturally derived addition that increases firmness to combat crepey skin. Vitamin E stops free radicals from wreaking havoc on skin and replaces skin lipids to ensure hydration. Then silymarin (which comes from milk thistle seeds) empowers skin with antioxidants. Glycerin and aloe, an unstoppable duo, condition that area of your skin that doesn’t always benefit from the other products you use.

10. Clinique for Men Anti-Age Eye Cream

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (10)

This anti-aging cream is practically weightless, imparting all your skin needs to slow down the clock. It hydrates, brightens, and tones skin without leaving a greasy residue so that you can swipe it on skin, pat it dry, and then go about your day with the extra confidence that accompanies a youthful appearance.

Barley extract serves as a source of antioxidants, while wheat germ extract and St. John’s Wort lessen sebum production and quench your skin’s thirst. Green tea provides a little extra help in the antioxidant department and plenty of in-depth soothing, and caffeine boosts circulation to get rid of swelling fast. This is truly a gentleman’s eye cream!

11. Dr. Dennis Gross Triple Correction Eye Serum

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (11)

The skin around your eyes is the first place where signs of aging appear, usually earlier than you’re prepared for. To neutralize the effects of getting older, rely on this eye serum from Dr. Dennis Gross. It’s ideal for loss of firmness in skin, as well as dark circles. It’s for any men with oily, combination, or normal skin types.

Retinol is the bedrock of this formula, supporting collagen production and getting rid of sun damage that leads to aging. There’s a reason retinol is the holy grail of anti-aging ingredients! Bakuchiol, which comes from the babchi plant, complements retinol, providing the same numerous benefits but in a gentler fashion. The two plump your skin, and then rambutan improves elasticity, and willow bark extract bumps skin radiance up a notch.

12. Clark’s Anti-Puff Eye Cream

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (12)

This product is on the pricier side, but it’s worth it to depuff those eyes and make wrinkles a thing of the past. To enhance the experience, you may even want to keep this formula cold; applying a cold product to the undereye area is that much more satisfying and refreshing!

In this botanical formula, hyaluronic acid plumps and draws in moisture, while hexapeptide-11 makes for smoother skin with fewer lines. Caffeine tackles inflammation, and vitamins protect against free radical damage. Jasmine flower extract feeds skin with important nutrients while bulking up that important skin barrier. Meanwhile, arnica gets to work on swelling so you can be bag-free fast.

13. Aesop Exalted Eye Serum

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (13)

This serum is light in texture, making it the perfect solution for men with oily skin who don’t want to contribute to excessive greasiness. Use it to target tiredness, wrinkles, and dehydration, giving your skin (and your face in general) new life.

Soybean oil multitasks in this formula, acting both as an anti-inflammatory agent and a hydrator that is rich in vitamin E. Boswellia carterii oil helps skin bounce back easier and evens out your skin tone to fade dark circles. Cedarwood oil calms irritation and lessens inflammation, while carrot extract delivers hefty doses of vitamins A and E. This formula is ultra-hydrating and great for all kinds of skincare issues.

14. Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (14)

(Video) Under Eye Bags Treatment That Works in 2 Minutes! | Chris Gibson

Retinol-backed formulas are potent and effective, but they can be a little irritating. It’s best to dip a toe in first rather than diving headfirst into a retinol experience. This serum from Murad is perfect for men new to retinol, as it provides both fast-acting and time-released retinol to combat issues like fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. 95% of users agree that this product feels gentle, and 83% had a more youthful appearance within four weeks of use, so this is definitely one of the best eye creams for men!

In addition to retinol, this product contains Japanese blood grass, a natural ingredient hailed as a super moisturizer. Swertia chirata and yeast amino acids promote cell regeneration, smoothing skin and replenishing its stores of moisture. There are other great plant-based additives in this formula—like soybean extract and kelp—and no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten, or animal-derived ingredients.

15. Ole Henriksen Banana Bright+ Eye Crème

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (15)

We love a good before-and-after picture, and this product has tons of them to help convince you of its efficacy. The bestselling formula, updated to include gold (yes, real gold), doesn’t give dark circles or puffiness a chance. 95% of testers believe this improves the appearance of dull skin, and 97% say it boosts skin health, with 89% lauding its blurring effect on wrinkles and dark circles.

So how does gold factor in here? In this case it’s combined with vitamin C to make the ingredient stable and water-soluble so it sinks into skin faster and improves radiance. Bioflavonoids (citrus-based compounds) stop free radicals in their tracks, and orange extract antioxidants protect skin from environmental damage. Banana provides light-reflecting minerals for a brighter look, and shea butter hydrates intensely. This cream is seriously powerful—bound to blow you away.

16. Dr. Brandt No More Baggage

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (16)

Influencers impressed by the effects of this best eye cream for men helped it go viral, and now No More Baggage is a modern sensation, beloved by celebrities and laypeople. It provides the same effects as in-office procedures but without all the time and needles. Instead, filmatrix technology works with peptides and caffeine to form a layer over the skin before firming. If you can believe it, you’ll see a difference in just five minutes. 97% of users saw their undereye bags disappear after using this!

This filmatrix technology may sound fancy, but it’s really nothing more than algae and plant extracts that bind together for this incredible contouring effect. Betula alba bark extract is a major source of antioxidants in this formula, and centella asiatica busts inflammation. The ingredients in this one don’t lie; it deserves its reputation!

17. Clarins Total Eye Lift

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (17)

For an instant eye lift and more anti-aging effects over time, use Clarins Total Eye Lift. The award-winning product gets rid of puffiness in just one minute thanks to a combination of clean ingredients that get right to work on combination, dry, normal, and oily skin.

Rather than a cream or a serum, this product is more like a balm, full of all you need to fade wrinkles, crow’s feet, dark circles, fine lines, and swelling. Horse chestnut and albizia are key to diminishing dark circles, while harungana firms, and guarana brings puffiness down. All you have to do is press the product gently from beneath your eyes toward the far corners, repeating this motion above and below the eyes as well as between your eyebrows.

18. Verso Eye Cream Extra Nourish

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (18)

If you’re considering an eye cream for an overall boost rather than to target a specific issue, this option from Verso is right up your alley. It’s rich and creamy, perfect for hydrating, nourishing, and softening skin while mending old damage. Shea butter takes care of any dehydration, yeast extract combats oxidative stress, and oat kernel oil sinks in quickly to provide skin with essential fatty acids and ceramides.

Users claim this makes fine lines less pronounced, and it works wonders on dehydrated skin. Some report irritation, so it may be best to avoid this if you have sensitive skin, or at least do a patch test before slathering it under your eyes.

19. Ren Brightening Dark Circle Eye Cream

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (19)

(Video) CRAZY RESULTS Best Eye Lifting And Firming Cream Ever? | Chris Gibson

95% natural ingredients have made it into this vegan formula that puts radiance first. It’s designed to zap dark circles but may take a week of regular application to show a major difference. Sometimes the best things call for great patience!

The way it works is by harnessing the power of elderberry flower for brightening, glycogen to even skin out, and hyaluronic acid to smooth skin. Oat kernel oil is in here for its many essential nutrients, jojoba esters soften, and shea butter provides day-long hydration. Definitely pick this formula up if dryness is a major concern for you!

20. Roc Retinol Correxion

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (20)

This is strictly a night cream, as it contains retinol, an ingredient that may make you more sensitive to sun damage. If you find yourself up past your bedtime again, pat this into the skin around your eye contours before bed, and wake up refreshed no matter how much (or how little) sleep you’ve gotten.

You may think that some wrinkles are too deeply ingrained to be fixed, but that’s because you haven’t tried this eye cream yet! It’s a powerful solution with retinol and plenty of moisturizing ingredients to encourage skin plumpness, like squalane, glycerin, and shea butter.

21. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (21)

Puffiness around the eyes can make us look tired and unwell, which is where caffeine comes in. The ingredient penetrates skin and constricts the blood vessels, causing swelling to go down quickly. Soybean seed extract works as an anti-inflammatory, and epigallocatechin gallate soothes and protects skin from sun damage. Just a couple drops of this solution from The Ordinary, and you’re ready to take on the day, no matter what’s in store.

22. Sunday Riley Auto Correct

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (22)

Don’t you wish you could correct fine lines as quickly as you can correct spelling errors on your phone? With this best eye cream for men from Sunday Riley, that concept doesn’t seem that far out of reach. It gives those peepers and instant boost, making dark circles and fine lines a thing of the past.

Caffeine and ginseng root extract shrink swelling right away, putting a little more light in those tired eyes. Horse chestnut and oleracea erase dark circles and blur crow’s feet. Then lutein, a source of antioxidants, gives your skin some extra shine, letting cocoa and shea butters add a little moisture to thirsty skin. You’ll also see the effects of watermelon rind extract, rich in citrulline, boosting hydration and fortifying the skin’s natural barrier.

23. Ilia Bright Start Activated Eye Cream

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (23)

Get a jumpstart on the day with this Activated Eye Cream from Ilia. You’ll feel instant moisture and notice an improvement in smoothness and brightness that is hard to ignore. It’s all thanks to natural oils like avocado, jojoba, and macadamia seed, plus numerous fatty acids from moringa oil and plenty of vitamins from avocado fruit extract. They call this a “retinol alternative,” as it gives you all of the benefits with none of the side effects.

24. Jack Black Eye Balm

24 Best Eye Creams for Men in 2023 (24)

(Video) Miracle Eye Cream?! #shorts

This gel rolls right onto skin with a metal applicator that makes for an even more relaxing and revitalizing experience. The balm contains centaurea cyanus flower extract, an ingredient praised for its anti-inflammatory properties. Grapeseed extract helps skin hold onto moisture, edelweiss encourages firmness, summer lilac smooths, and artemisia umbelliformis repairs sun damage. Massaging this stick around your eyes and temples is such a great way to start the day!

Eye creams don’t have to be daunting. Quickly fight signs of aging and other annoying symptoms with one of these best eye creams for men!

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