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A Private User

Customer service at its best. I met the crew of the Duc Pond at the International MC Show in DC. They offered a test ride on the Diavel and answered a plethora of questions. My local shop, Colemans Pwr Sports echoed the offer. However, when I stopped in for service, they had excuse after excuse for not allowing a test ride.This weekend, my wife and I were heading out of town and I realized the Duc Pond was only an hour out of the way. I called and explained I would be in the area if they could make it happen. With short notice, I understood it was a tall order. Chad said no problem, come on by. When I arrived, Chad introduced me to many of the staff. There was never a sales pitch. He fully covered all of the functions of the modes and encouraged me to try all of them. The route was about 15 miles with some light twisties, hills and ending of some hwy speed with minimal traffic.In all, this shop provided the best encounter I have had with a sales staff bar none. If you get the opportunity stop by. Thanks Chad and Donnie


Jason Philippy

I bought a 1098S last year from a private seller that needed some TLC. So I researched Ducati Dealers and decided to take it to Duc Pond....first off the rustic brick building in the quiet part of town looks like there should be a BBQ place next door...I LOVE IT! I met Bill in service first who gave me the run down. Donnie came and introduced himself and the staff. Donnie is great and has a wonderful people that make the magic happen. Nathan in parts more than helped me decide on a beautiful clutch and cover and also gave me a great discount on a beautiful leather riding jacket. Maggie was there and really got along with my girlfriend to make her first experience there enjoyable as well. She also gave me a schedule of the events that Duc Pond is involved with or hosting. I cant wait to go back and do one of the breakfast and cruises they have.....and of course Summit Point and VIR. This is quickly becoming my go to hang out. Everyone is very friendly, I just cant say enough about this place.


A Private User

This is what a motorcycle shop should be. When I grew up you went to a bike shop and the people talked to you like they were happy you came, not like you are a walking sucker. This shop is an old school shop, bikes, parts, riders, racers, and nostalgia. Ask to see the back, no problem, ask to see the work area, no problem, they take you back and love to show people around. For the open house they pull out ever bike they have to ride and let people test ride bikes, no other shop does this anymore. Good luck swinging your leg over a Ducati at any shop in this area, but Duc Pond is happy to make that happen. These guys are top notch and worth the trip to see. These guys love what they do and they dont run their business like a car dealership, they run it like a bike shop that wants their customers to come back. Thanks for the great service guys.


Al Leathers

Last year, I purchased a new 2014 Ducati Multistrada Granturismo and have been doing business with Duc Pond Motorsports (Ducati Winchester) for the last 8 years. From setting suspension, to parts, service, sales, accessories, and customization owner Donnie Unger and all the dedicated folks here represent the ideal of a passionate and friendly motorcycle shop who understands what makes us tick. All Ducatisti in the Mid-Atlantic area and beyond know this place. Its where discerning buyers lay down their hard-earned money and enjoy the benefits of the marquee and camaraderie of like-minded riders. The dealership is 60 miles from my house but the extra time and distance is well worth it. Forza Ducati Winchester!


chris charucksiri

These guys are the go to for all your Ducati needs. Pete was great with communication, made my purchase extremely easy and for a very reasonable price. Nathan was very helpful sourcing all the parts I needed for my build. Donnie is hands down one of the best owners to work with. When I walked into the shop, even though its a dealership. It still has that mom and pop feel. Donnie made it a point to shake my hand, and introduce himself. While the showroom was busy, and the shop had customers waiting for service/repairs. Tons of cool goodies to see and experience. If you are in the market for a Duc, go here!


Aaron Geerlings

As a recent Ducati owner and longtime motorcycle enthusiast I know the importance of a great mechanic. When i asked around for where I could find one this Duc Pond came up multiple times as one of the best if not the best place to get your Ducati serviced and worked on east of the Mississippi. Although it was a 2 hour ride here it was not wasted. Service was as exceptional, the building and floor was extremely well kept and well designed. As for the service although expensive was well worth it. If you need your Italian baby taken care of the right way look no further than Duc Pond. It is worth the ride!


Christopher Martin

Excellent dealership. They treat you like a member of the family there and dont try and hide anything. They had no problem letting me watch them perform the first service on my bike, and Henry even gave me some pointers. They seemed to be truly interested in building a lasting relationship. I just wish I could say the same for the dealership where I bought my Ducati. The next one will come from Ducpond. Service pricing is fair, but not cheap. Like everything else, you usually get what you pay for...very satisfied.


David Beksinski

Absolutely the BEST Ducati dealer. I cannot say enough good things about DucPond/Ducati Winchester. Donnie runs an amazing shop, Ive been trailering my bikes 2 hrs each way for years just to have the serviced at DucPond. Bought my 848 Corse new from Ducati Winchester and the buying experience couldnt be better. Absolutely worth the drive out, Donnie is incredibly supportive of the Ducati riding community as well!


Ryan Chelberg

Love this place, I dont know what it is about Ducati dealers and everyone being cool, but they just are. Donnie and the gang are laid back and very helpful. I bought a bike from them and have had a couple of problems, teething problems, as the sales guy told me (lol) but they have helped me every step of the way. Of all the dealers Ive been to both two wheels and four, duc pond is by far the best Ive been too.


Chris M

Above and beyond. The team at Ducpond Ducati knows what it means to bring top customer service to their patrons. I had the most wonderful experience with my purchase of a Hypermotard. I want to thank Pete for making sure I was happy and got the right bike. This is THE place to go for Ducati.


Justin Corsair

Feels like a family every time you visit. Had work done on another Brand bike. Like the environment so much I ended up buying a Ducati while I was there. Here and Valley Cycles are the only dealerships worth going to. Thanks Pete, Donnie, and Nate!


Bjarne Hansen

Can only agree that this is what a motorcycle shop should be, I can not recommend them highly enough; quick, cheap, excellent at their work and very friendly. Truly it is a pleasure every time I go there.

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