Paul James Introduces Women's Lightweight Knitwear for all Seasons (2023)

Paul James Introduces Women's Lightweight Knitwear for all Seasons (1)

Whilst we aren’t always blessed with the best weather, the great British countryside has bounty a plenty. Whether you’re exploring the highest hills or taking a leisurely stroll on the beach front, the unpredictable weather means you’ll have to be prepared throughout.

Chunky jumpers are the more typical outfit addition, providing warmth and comfort to the wearer. That being said, they aren’t always the most convenient. Often bulky underneath coats or simply too warm for the changing temperature, we’ve found the perfect seasonal solution in layering lightweight knitwear

When deciding upon your base layer knit, there are various things to take into consideration. Continue reading to find out the facts and figures about the yarns we use, how we utilise them within our jumpers and what you can expect from a Paul James Knitwear garment.

100% Cotton

As the sun starts to shine once more, finding the perfect jumper to take you through the day to day activities life presents shouldn’t be a complicated one. Our 100% cotton jumpers are the perfect addition to your wardrobe, offering you a lightweight, machine washable garment at a reasonable price.


We don’t think luxury has to be synonymous with expense. The feedback we receive from customers allows us to continue exploring shape, silhouette and colour, in the knowledge that the final product will be something that easily slots into a seasonal wardrobe and isn’t too cost heavy for the buyer.

Thanks to the naturally hypoallergenic nature of cotton, you’ll be secure in finding that your jumper will not irritate throughout the day. Butter soft and easily worn skin-to-skin, cotton is perfect for those that don’t enjoy wearing wool.

Over the past thirty years modern farming techniques have allowed manufacturers of cotton fibre to drastically cut down the environmental impact of producing the yarn. Across the world pesticides are being cut in half to allow the cotton plants to grow more freely and have less of a detrimental impact.

P.A.N (Pesticide Action Network) are at the front of the campaign to change industry interactions with cotton and are consistently throwing out new and innovative ways to manufacturer it.

Crew neck, roll neck or button up cardigan, a Paul James Knitwear cotton sweater is a must have in your wardrobe.

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For an easy daytime picnic look, pair our Thea Ultra Lightweight Cotton Cardigan with the Hatty Merino Sleeveless Crew. The lightweight nature of the cardigan partnered with the temperature regulating merino wool will keep a breeze out and offer you various ways to wear throughout the day. Comfy sandals, wooden accessories and a spacious, wicker handbag pull this look together and ensure you’re Springtime ready.

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Paul James Introduces Women's Lightweight Knitwear for all Seasons (3)

From French Blue to Tan, our Terri Ultra Fine Cotton Roll Neck is the perfect starting point when planning brunch with the girls. Lightweight, breathable and perfect for layering, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your drinks in the sun will be warm throughout. Smart white trousers and brown leather wedges finish the look off and our 100% Cotton Ribbed Slouch Jumper is perfect for when the sun goes in.

100% Extra Fine Merino

Perhaps one of the most intelligent fibres available on the market, we are a firm believer of merino wools ability to change the face of how we purchase our clothes.

An odour resistant, temperature regulating fibre, merino wool is perfect for those cooler months where the weather is likely to change at short notice. Through wearer trials and firsthand recommendations, here at Paul James Knitwear, we find that merino wool has all the warmth found in a chunkier jumper, minus the additional weight.

Like cotton, merino wool is a hypoallergenic fibre and so doesn’t irritate the skin. Often when customers mention that they cannot wear wool due to irritation, they are often thinking of coarser yarns such as British wool or synthetic blends. Noticeably softer than its chunkier brothers, extra fine merino is the perfect starting point when deciding on how to layer a seasonal outfit.

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A conscientious, natural fibre, we don’t mix any of our yarns with synthetics which mean that over time and given the right conditions, they will start to decompose and eventually return to soil that housed the sheep they came from. Working with industry favorites Zegna Baruffa (Est. 1850) and Lanerossi (Est. 1817) we can trace the yarns we use and ensure that they are produced in an ethical and considered fashion.

Due to the versatility available when working with extra fine merino, we can produce not only traditional sweaters but more contemporary silhouettes including longline skirts and cardigans.

Using our 100% Extra Fine Merino Oversized Polo as your foundation for a smart Springtime look is guaranteed to keep you cool and cosy throughout the day. The close-fitting cuffs and oversized neck and silhouette work brilliantly with a pair of straight leg white jeans and statement boots. Accents of colour in your accessories tie the look together and create a polished, wedding ready look.

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If you’re looking for a contempory and classy outfit to take you from brunch to afternoon drinks, our Hermione 100% Extra Fine Merino Skirt is the perfect addition. Close fitting, finishing at the mid-calf and with a current, yet conservative slit at the back, this skirt is easily dressed up or down. Partner with an oversized, white tee (size down in our Men’s Star Supima T-shirt) and statement accessories for an outfit that’s street style ready.

Paul James Introduces Women's Lightweight Knitwear for all Seasons (6)Though sleeveless cardigans may not be for everyone, our Hetty Longline Merino Cardigan partnered with the Hillary Merino V-Neck will provide you with consistent heat regulation and an even distribution of warmth. Brown statement accessories finish off the look and a pair of smart brown trousers will easily take you from dinner to drinks.

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100% Lambswool

When picturing knitwear perfect for layering, lambswool is often overlooked as a chunky, heavyweight garment, more suited to those chillier Autumn Winter months. Here at Paul James Knitwear however, we think we’ve found the perfect combination to have you covered, regardless of whether the sun in shining or the rain has started.

Thanks to the hollow structure of lambswool fibres, air is easily circulated throughout, keeping you cool and cosy. The water repellant nature will assist in keeping you dry, and any dirt accumulated will sit on the surface of the knit, making it easy to care for and assist in longevity.

It should come as no surprise that lambswool, like all our yarns, is fully biodegradable. We work with prestigious industry spinners Z. Hinchliffe & Sons (Est. 1766) to guarantee a polished product, responsibly manufactured and ethically produced. They don’t work with merchants when sourcing their yarns and so work directly with farmers to guarantee a fair and accountable distribution of wealth. This not only establishes long term relationships but allows them the luxury of finding the highest quality of fibre.

Keeping your lambswool jumper in the best condition can be intimating to some people, it’s often seen as a fragile yarn and something that should be cared for with significant effort. Whilst elements of this belief are founded in truth, the brilliance of lambswool is that if cared for properly, it will become fluffier and softer over time.

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Pairing Cotton and Lambswool when planning a Springtime look is a great starting point and will have you covered with the ever-changing weather. Our bestselling Women’s Cotton Crew in Powder Blue and our Liberty Pearl Grey Lambswool Cardigan are the perfect addition to a casual, daytime look. Distressed denim and comfy everyday trainers tie the look together, taking you from the beach to the bar with ease.

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Disclaimer: Paul James Knitwear does not own any of the photos featured in this blog post and all rights and credits go to their rightful owners. Photos were taken from Pinterest.


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