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We all love summers for the floral clothes we wear, the beaches, tanning, and the vacations. It’s our favorite season with the sun. The tan we get on the beach is uncomparable, but direct sunlight harms our beloved skin greatly. Can we thus rely upon artificial tanning? Sun Bum Browning Lotion’s answer is a big yes! But is it reliable? Let’s find out with Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews.

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Natural tanning looks hot on your skin, but it’s more harmful than it looks. As proven by most scientific research worldwide, both women and men are most likely attracted to tanned bronze skin. Summer does not last the whole year, but your tan might with Sun Bum Browning Lotion! How is that possible? And does it have any side effects? Is it suitable for every skin, and what are the precautions? Many such questions must be hovering over your head right now; this review will make it easy for you.

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Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews | The Sunless Tanning Solution?

Sun Bum is a unique brand. It’s not like other brands with a strict workforce. With the idea of making products that protect from the sun for the founder’s family and friends, this brand took birth. In 2010, they formulated these products and had grown a lot since. They provide most of the same magic in their product as before; the brand promises to be safe for the skin. Sun Bum does not have a vast buildings in cities; they formulate and sell their product in their beach house in Florida. The brand makes sure its workforce enjoys working with them, and they and the consumers like the products they supply. This simple brand cares about the environment and animals as much as it cares for your skin. It’s vegan and reef-friendly, free of cruelty. It is also free of toxins like parabens, gluten, and sulfate.

Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews | Ideal Sunless Tanning Solution? - Skinprosac (2)

Browning lotion from Sun Bum is a toxin-free skin lotion that can get you the perfect tan you always wanted. If your skin does not tan like the rest, this product claims to be your savior. Pale or white skin usually does not get tan. Instead, it turns red, which makes you look horrible for days. Getting naturally tanned can be difficult. Browning lotion can help you. Without spending hours in the sun, you can get the same tan using this lotion from Sun Bum. Unlike other sun tanning lotions, this lotion does not have oxybenzone, octinoxate, sulfates, gluten, or parabens. Always use SPF 15 or higher sunscreen to ensure protection before applying the browning lotion. However, the lotion does not offer protection from UV rays that can harm your skin.

Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews | Ideal Sunless Tanning Solution? - Skinprosac (3)

Sun Bum Browning Lotion | Vegan and Reef Friendly (Octinoxate & Oxybenzone Free) Sun Tanning Cream with Aloe Vera | 8.5 oz

  • BROWNING LOTION. This premium browning lotion is our secret weapon that gets us a fast, deep tan without having to spend long hours in the sun! We developed this lotion to accelerate the sun triggered tanning process in our skin.
  • MOISTURIZING DARKENING LOTION. Our water resistant and reef friendly tanning lotion is great for all skin types. Delight your skin with Aloe Vera, Kona Coffee Plant Extract, Marula, Argan, Coconut and Avocado Oil with a tropical coffee scent.
  • HOW TO USE. First apply sunscreen, wait ten minutes, and then lather your bod in our browning lotion. Lounge in the sun and reapply as needed. Sonny’s Tip: Our brown tint can stain, so allow the lotion to soak in before laying on a white towel!
  • PROTECT YOUR SKIN. The key to achieving a sun-kissed glow is to protect and moisturize your skin. Our Original Sunscreen line is Hypoallergenic and Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Gluten, Cruelty and Paraben Free to ensure a fun day in the sun.
  • TRUST THE BUM. What does that mean? It means trust us, the ones who live on the beach and need products that work on the most intense days in the sun. The simple truth is, when you make products to protect the ones you love, you make ‘em better.

Ingredients | Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews

Sun Bum formulation focuses on every skin type and texture. It says it is safe for the skin with all the natural ingredients. But we still suggest you check the ingredient list on the product to stay safe from any allergies one might have.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is highly beneficial to the skin. It is added to many creams, serums, soaps, etc., for its anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce pain, swelling, and soreness over the skin. It calms the skin and helps your skin heal faster, making it smoother. It will also support the production of collagen and keep it hydrated.

Kona Coffee Extract: Kona Coffee extracts are packed with antioxidants and nutrients that benefit and protect the skin. It gives your skin a smooth texture and brightens your complexion. It is a powerful anti-aging ingredient, too, which helps tighten the skin, reduce puffiness, and protect the skin from harmful UV damage.

Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews | Ideal Sunless Tanning Solution? - Skinprosac (4)

Organic Coconut Oil: Coconut Oil fills your skin with intense moisture and helps your skin heal wounds and scars faster. It has anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe the skin. Its antimicrobial nature protects your skin from unnecessary infection and bacteria.

Carrot seed Oil: With the help of Carrot Seed Oil, your skin will remain younger and fresh. It’s an anti-aging element that rejuvenates the skin and protects it from sun damage through its antioxidant properties. It improves the complexion of tired and pale skin. The ingredient will also help moisturize the skin without clogging up your pores.

Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews | Ideal Sunless Tanning Solution? - Skinprosac (5)

Ginger Root Extract: This natural ingredient encourages smooth and even skin. The Ginger Root is known to reduce the roughness of the skin and make it soft to the touch while improving your uneven skin. With the help of its antioxidant properties, it will fade your dark spots and control unnecessary melanin content.

Perks of using Sun Bum Browning Lotion

  • Gives natural-looking tanSun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews | Ideal Sunless Tanning Solution? - Skinprosac (6)
  • Does not make your skin red
  • Toxin-free, natural ingredients
  • Makes skin soft and smooth
  • Vegan and reef-friendly brand
  • Protects the skin
  • Improves complexion of pale skin
  • Hydrates skin
  • Improves skin texture and even tones it
  • Cruelty-free brand

Cons of using Sun Bum Browning Lotion

The lotion might stain your clothes due to ingredients like Kona Coffee, which is brown. All the ingredients are natural, which may not stop them from getting on your clothes. The brand suggests you wear darker clothes or bikinis to avoid visible lotion stains. If it stains your clothes, they may quickly come off when you wash them. It also does not protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews | Before and After

Sun Bum Browning Lotion received many reviews on its online selling platforms. Consumers posted honest and unbiased reviews that we have plugged in below.

Lily commented, “This has become my favorite product for every summer. My pale skin does not let me tan like everyone else. It often gets red. But this artificial tan made my skin look prettier. It stained my pink shorts, but I can call it worth it.”

Cassie commented, “I liked the lather I got; using sunscreen is very necessary because this thing does not protect the skin from UV ray damage. The tanned sun-kissed look looks very natural. I don’t usually spend my summer at beaches, but the tanned glow that this product has offered me does not let me miss the beach.”

Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews | Ideal Sunless Tanning Solution? - Skinprosac (8)

Jessie added, “It’s full of organic ingredients! No paraben, no clogging of pores, smells nice, and looks great on the skin. Unlike other tanning lotions, this one does not make my skin dry. It keeps it hydrated throughout the day. And the tan also looks bronze natural.”

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FAQs | Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews

The following section enlists some common questions existing and new users asked online about Sun Bum Browning Lotion. We have answered each of them below.

Is Sun Bum Browning Lotion waterproof?

Yes, the Sun Bum Browning Lotion is a water-resistant and reef-friendly tanning lotion that can suit every skin type, including sensitive and pale skin. If you are at the beach or the pool, this lotion will not come off and make you look naturally sun-kissed and tanned.

Does Sun Bum Browning Lotion work without the sun?

Sun Bum Browning Lotion works by giving you a natural-looking tan without having to spend hours soaking in the sun. Unfortunately, it does not protect you entirely from the sun; the brand suggests using SPF 15 or higher for ten minutes before using the Tanning Lotion.

How long does Sun Bum Browning Lotion last?

Sun Bum Browning Lotion has up to three to five years of life until it expires after the initial date of opening the lotion. If you use it as instructed, the Browning Lotion might finish before its expiry date.

Can I use Sun Bum browning lotion on my face?

Sun Bum Browning Lotion is full of natural ingredients which are safe for sensitive skin over the face and body too. Some consumers used it on the face and did not experience any adverse effects; it did not break out.

Final Words | Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews

Time to sum up this report based on Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews with some final thoughts. The lotion has impressed users around the globe with its potent natural ingredients. Without any toxins or pore-clogging ingredients, the product has claimed to be safe for both body and face skin. People worried about sensitive pale skin have also trusted the Sun Bum Browning Lotion. They have reviewed the product online through many e-commerce sites, with positive reviews. The tan provided by the product glowed on the skin of many users all summer without worrying about the damage that the sun can cause with excessive exposure to your skin. The smooth and lathering browning lotion comes from a safe and cruelty-free brand, making vegan and reef-friendly products.

The tanning lotion makes your skin bronze tanned, making it soft and smooth while keeping it hydrated all day. It is what the users found unique and more attractive while buying it. Sun Bum Browning Lotion is also waterproof, making users flaunt it on the beach and near the pool. They were happy to share that it does not make them look fake. From the product description to the honest, unbiased product review, we have covered everything for you readers. If you think we missed anything about Sun Bum Browning Lotion, let us know in the comment section below. We will solve every small doubt that is still hovering over your mind. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sun Bum Browning Lotion Reviews | Ideal Sunless Tanning Solution? - Skinprosac (9)


My work says it all!


Does sun bum Browning Lotion make you tan? ›

Our Natural Browning Lotion gets us that fast, deep tan, without having to spend long hours in the sun. To ensure protection, we always apply an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen 10 minutes before applying our Natural Browning Lotion.

How good is Sun Bum tanning lotion? ›

I can definitely say this stuff works. I should've taken a before and after photo, so you could see, but even just being in the sun for a few hours gave me a nice bronze color, without a sunburn. The other thing I like about Sun Bum is that it's cruelty-free, vegan, and reef friendly.

Does Sun Bum Browning Lotion wash out? ›

Our Browning Lotion includes ingredients like Kona Coffee, which are brown in color and may rub off onto clothing, but should come off in the wash.

Do you put sunscreen on before Browning Lotion? ›

For the best results, wait 10 minutes after applying sunscreen to allow it to dry, then apply the Browning Lotion.

What star rating is Sun Bum? ›

Additional Information
Date First Available9 Feb. 2022
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars 168 ratings 4.5 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank2,327 in Beauty (See Top 100 in Beauty) 42 in Body Sunscreens

What tanning oil gets you the darkest? ›

The Bali Body Watermelon Tanning Oil provides the deepest, darkest tan out of all 4 tanning oils. It's enriched with watermelon seed oil, which stimulates the production of melanin in the skin to provide a deep tan.

Can I put sun bum lotion on my face? ›

Designed for daily use, Sun Bum Face Lotion SPF 50 is a weightless lotion that quickly absorbs into your skin for easy, invisible protection with a matte finish. Made for the face but works everywhere you want a super sheer look and feel without compromising our strong and trusted coverage.

How often should you reapply Browning Lotion? ›

When it comes to how often you should reapply self-tanner, most products recommend adding more every three to five days if you want to keep your skin looking bronze and beautiful. If you are using a gradual tanning lotion, you'll want to reapply on a daily basis until you reach your desired skin color.

How do you get sun bum Browning Lotion out of clothes? ›

Make a solution of warm water and liquid dish soap and blot the stain with it, working from the outer edges inwards. Rinse the area well with cold water. Launder as usual, using a heavy-duty detergent.

How often should I apply sun bum tanning lotion? ›

Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Apply more frequently after swimming, sweating, or toweling.

What does Kim Kardashian use to tan? ›

Dolce Glow By Isabel Alysa Lusso Self-Tanning Mousse

This is a buildable, fast-drying, streak-free tanning mousse that gives you a radiant, deep, natural-looking tan. A shopper said, "The fastest drying self tanning mousse I have ever used! Doesn't have that normal strong self tanner smell either.

What is the best lotion to use prior to self-tanning? ›

Apply a moisturizer or body butter to shower damp skin. (NOT Curel or Dove – these can ruin tans!) Good choices would be Shea Moisture, CeraVe, or Hempz, and some people prefer pure Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, or Cocoa Butter.

Is it better to tan with baby oil or tanning lotion? ›

Dermatologists strongly agree that it is not safe to use baby oil for tanning. In fact, they say that there actually is no safe way to tan. Tanning simply isn't healthy. “[Baby oil] can make you tan more quickly because it absorbs the sun better,” says Sperling.

What does sun bum browning lotion smell like? ›

This smells like chocolate pudding. I didn't even use it, I can't get past the smell. Nothing wrong with the product itself but if you are smell sensitive then this might not be your thing. I have never in my life had a tan like this so easily and perfect.

Do you put sun lotion on before or after Moisturiser? ›

When using a physical sunscreen, always know that it must be applied after all other products so that it can create a barrier. Apply physical sunscreens after serums and moisturisers.

How do you use Browning Lotion? ›

Apply the Browning Lotion on top of the sun protectant generously and evenly to all desired areas. Re-apply at frequent intervals to achieve maximum results including after swimming, sweating, or towel drying. Beginners maximum sun time: one hour.

Is Sun Bum actually good? ›

$18 at Ulta. Sun Bum's chemical sunscreen was one of our favorites. It has a light texture that rubs in quickly, and boy oh boy, does it smell good. The creamy banana scent had us reaching for Sun Bum more than most of the other options in our test pool.

Is Sun Bum approved? ›

We are very proud to say that all of our sunscreen products throughout the U.S. are made without Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, and meet the requirements of Hawaii's regulation. Check out our Hawaii Act 104 Reef Compliant sun care products.

What do the numbers on Sun Bum mean? ›

SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and the number beside it indicates how well the sunscreen protects skin against sunburn.

Why is my tan not getting darker? ›

I have been tanning, but I'm not getting any darker. Now what? You may have reached a tanning plateau. Everyone has a limit to how dark they can get, but to try to get past your current color we recommend switching the types of beds you use every few tanning sessions.

Can I use Sun Bum on my lips? ›

We've got you covered. HOW TO USE. Apply liberally on lips to keep them safe and soft. Reapply frequently on sun-centric days and adventures!

Does Sun Bum leave a white cast? ›

Sun Bum Original Sunscreen Lotion absorbs into all skin tones without leaving a white cast, and customers with sensitive skin swear by it.

Can I use Sun Bum sunscreen everyday? ›

Our Daily Sunscreen Moisturizer SPF 30 is a sheer, lightweight formula that works as a protective base layer for our daily skin routine.

Can I put another layer of fake tan on the next day? ›

Another way to make your tan darker is to apply two layers of self-tan or to top your tan up the day after the initial application. However, this is probably best left to the more confident tanners among us.

Should you remove old tan before reapplying? ›

While it can be tempting to just layer one tan over another, it really IS important to remove any lingering colour first. This will ensure a beautiful even colour and help prevent streaks, patches and an uneven fade.

How do you use sun bum browning oil? ›

Spray, rub in, and then bask. Apply liberally to body 15 minutes before sun exposure. Avoid eyes. And shouldn't be used as a replacement for sunscreen.

How long does browning lotion last? ›

Some tanning lotions do, indeed, have expiration dates. You will be able to find this date printed on the side of the bottle. If your bottle does not have an expiration date printed on it, that does not mean you are in the clear. These lotions tend to be at their peak effectiveness in their first 3 years of life.

Do you put tanning lotion on before or after sunscreen? ›

As a rule of thumb, you should always apply sunscreen as the final step in your skin care routine. Once you've applied your tanning drop and moisturizer mix, it's important to keep the sun protection going by also applying sunscreen.

Does oxiclean remove sunscreen stains? ›

Depending on the saturation of the orange stain, you may or may not need the soak the garment in an enzyme-breaking solution of water and oxygen cleaner (Oxiclean) for 12 hours. If the stain is light, applying an over the counter stain treatment such as Resolve and letting it sit for 5 minutes should do the trick.

How far in advance should you put tanning lotion on? ›

Make sure to apply your tanning lotion 1-2 hours before your appointment for the best results. At Sun in the City we offer a wide variety of tanning products for purchase. Need help with finding the best product for you?

Should you wash off sun tan lotion? ›

Sunscreen is a must-have skincare product in your daily skincare regime. However, you must know that it has to be rinsed off from your skin before you go to sleep which otherwise might give rise to multiple skin concerns.

What tan does Jennifer Aniston use? ›

Moriz Professional Instant Medium Self Tanning Lotion, which "can be used as your everyday body lotion," she says.

What self-tanner does Jennifer Lopez use? ›

Jennifer Lopez

When bronze goddess J. Lo mentions products she likes, we're still all ears, and one of those products is Scott Barnes Body Bling ($42), a tinted body lotion. She told Allure, “I occasionally do a self-tanner, but I hadn't in a long time.

What happens if you don't moisturize before self-tanning? ›

You shouldn't apply self-tanner without moisturizing first, because skipping out on this prep step could potentially leave you with patchy color — this goes for your face and the rest of your body.

Why can't you moisturize before self-tanning? ›

But, avoid moisturizing your skin immediately before applying sunless tanner. Doing so can cause your tanning lotion to go on unevenly. Instead, use a moisturizing self tanner to nourish your skin while adding natural-looking color.

Do you shave or exfoliate first before self-tanning? ›

Shaving exfoliates the skin, leaving it supple and ready for bronzing, so it should be done before self-tanner is applied, just not right before since shaving can open pores and create cuts.

Will coconut oil make you tan faster? ›

Does Coconut Oil Help You Tan? Tanning with oils helps attract and focus the UV rays on the skin. It may also help increase the rate of tanning. While coconut oil does not provide sufficient SPF protection, it can certainly be used as an alternative to synthetic tanning lotions and oils.

What oil makes you tan the fastest? ›

Still, putting olive oil on your skin will cause your skin to tan more quickly than if you simply applied sunscreen or no oil at all. How does it work? Moore says olive oil, like other oils, attracts UV rays to the skin quickly.

What does baby oil do to fake tan? ›

Baby oil is a great fake tan remover. All you need to do is coat your skin with the oil and massage it into your skin. Leave the oil on your skin for about half an hour and then take a warm bath or shower using an exfoliating mitt to remove your fake tan gently.

Does Maui Babe Browning Lotion make you tan? ›

Amazing Maui Babe Browning Lotion will naturally give you a deep, dark, and rich tan. Eliminate long and endless hours in the sun with this tanning accelerant.

What sunscreen do the Kardashians use? ›

When it comes to shielding themselves from harmful UV rays, stars like Kourtney Kardashian, Drew Barrymore and Hailey Bieber turn to EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen. Right now, the dermatologist-favorite product — along with more EltaMD sunscreen and skincare — is steeply discounted at Walmart.

Is it better to tan with sunscreen or tanning lotion? ›

Reality: There is no safe way to tan without sunscreen. Your skin is susceptible to damage any time it's exposed to UV rays. So, make sunscreen a part of your daily skincare routine!

How can I tan darker fast? ›

The best way to develop the darkest of tans is to use a tan accelerator. Carrot Sun's Original Carrot and Tropical Fruits give the best results for developing a deeper and darker tan, making tanning easier, less timely, and creating better and longer-lasting results.

Why does tanning make you look younger? ›

Learn the art of blurring

"Women love it because it masks blemishes and imperfections–think age spots and varicose veins– evens skin tone, nourishes and conditions skin and thanks to its light reflecting particles gives a beautiful temporary glow which creates a more youthful appearance.

What does sun bum Browning Lotion smell like? ›

This smells like chocolate pudding. I didn't even use it, I can't get past the smell. Nothing wrong with the product itself but if you are smell sensitive then this might not be your thing. I have never in my life had a tan like this so easily and perfect.

Do you put sunscreen on before Maui Babe Browning Lotion? ›

This product just helps you tan. The Maui Babe after browning lotion will help your tan last longer, and it will also keep your skin from peeling. Yes you do need sunscreen with this. It is recommended that you put 30 spf sunscreen on before you put on Maui Babe.

How long does it take for Maui Babe Browning Lotion to work? ›

With Maui babe your burn or peeling will turn right into a tan. I always tell people to use it as much as possible right when you get burned. After the shower, an hour later, after dinner, before bed, right when you wake up, ect. Constantly using it will heal your skin within 2 days.

Is Sun Bum a good brand? ›

$18 at Ulta. Sun Bum's chemical sunscreen was one of our favorites. It has a light texture that rubs in quickly, and boy oh boy, does it smell good. The creamy banana scent had us reaching for Sun Bum more than most of the other options in our test pool.

Can I put Sun Bum lotion on my face? ›

Designed for daily use, Sun Bum Face Lotion SPF 50 is a weightless lotion that quickly absorbs into your skin for easy, invisible protection with a matte finish. Made for the face but works everywhere you want a super sheer look and feel without compromising our strong and trusted coverage.

Should I use Sun Bum on my face? ›

Yes, you can totally use our Original sunscreen on your face. It's non-comedogenic, so it won't clog pores.

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