The Energy Coming From The Sun To The Earth's Surface Is Called Solar Energy. Most Of It Is In The Form (2023)

Biology Middle School


Answer 1

Ultraviolet radiation

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Which properties of glass are a problem in transporting food and drink



Glass are sensitive to heat.


The property of a glass which could create a problem in the transportation of food and drink is that they are sensitive to heat. A glass has the tendency to break as a result of high temperature. When these small pieces of glass gets into the body system it is capable of tearing the soft lining of different internal body organs thereby causing damage to these organs.

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Every 18 months, during the Spring tide, the Moon is at its closest distance to the Earth, called its _____. This produces gravitational forces that are very strong and cause extremely high tides.


Perigee is the correct answer. This high tide is also known as the proxigeanspring tide.

I just took the test and Perigee is the correct answer!

How is the structure of a hammer related to its function


The structure of a hammer is made to where you can pound and bust stuff into pieces. The round metal part of this tool makes it easier to break stuff into smaller pieces. The function of the hammer which is to break stuff is related to the structure because it helps it to carry out the job that needs to be done! I hope this helped you out!

Which statement best describes how active transport differs from passive transport?


Active transport goes against the concentration gradient form a low concentration to a higher concentration and this requires energy. Where as, passive transport moves down the concentration gradient from a high concentration to a lower concentration and this does not require entry produced from ATP.

What is the life cycle of a butterfly?


Butterflies undergo complete metamorphosis, and their life cycle contains 4 stages.

First, they are born as an egg.

Then, they are hatched asa larva. They now eat flowers and leaves and will molt constantly.

Next, they become a chrysalis, or a pupa. This is a resting stage.

Then is the long awaitedadult stage, where butterflies take the form of the beloved, beautiful, winged insects we've come to admire. They no long grow and will now reproduce and repeat the cycle.

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This is known as metamorphis this is in order from the times in which it occurs

During prophase of mitosis,chromosomes consist of two chromatid .At which stage of the cell cycle is the second chromatid made? A.cytokinesis B. G1 C.G2. D. S


D. S phase of Interphase.

The 2nd chromatid is made during DNA replication, where each linear DNA molecule is replicated to result in genetically identical pairs of DNA strands.

During Prophase stage of Mitosis, each strand of DNA condenses to form the sister chromatid of each metaphase chromosome. Sister chromatids are linked to each other via kinetochore proteins linked to the centromeric regions of each sister chromatid.

Thus, sister chromatids are genetically identical to each other.

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How many different arrangement of four bases into triplets can be made


4^3 = 64

There are 64 ways to arrange the four bases (Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, and Guanine) into triplets (include repeats of bases as well, for e.g. AAT).

Just in case you are confused by my use of Thymine above, one thing to note is that Thymine will be replaced with Uracil in RNA.

Hope this helps! :)

What are the biotic and abiotic factors of the Sahara desert.


Biotic factors are the living things in any environment, while abiotic factors are the nonliving things.

So, in the Sahara desert the living things (biotic factors) would be the animals and plants.

The nonliving things (abiotic factors) would be the sunlight, temperature, dirt, etc.

In the first 4-10 days of embryonic development, where does the energy come from to drive the process


The first 4 to 10 days of embryonic development the energy comes from the fertilized egg to drive the process.

The process where baby comes to life begins with an utterly ordinary event. During the last period before conception then the groundwork of pregnancy is being laid.

The previous we have endometrium which is the uterine lining. From there then follicle stimulating hormone takes over.

The answer is from the fertilized egg hope you do well and have a great day friend! :)

explain the difference between the number of chromosomes between a frog somatic cell and a frog egg cell


A somatic cell is a cell that is any of the 22 chromosome pairs that aren’t reproductive cells. So, these cells would have the full 26 chromosomes that a frog usually has.

However, since an egg cell is a reproductive cell and needs to combine with another reproductive cell to create one whole combined cell and organism, it would only have 13 chromosomes. The egg cell is like half of a somatic cell, so it will have half of however many the somatic cell will have.

What is petrified wood



Petrified wood is a fossil.



Petrified wood is wood having been replaced by minerals.

Why do warmer and wetter biomes have higher net primary productivity?


Warmer and wetter biomes have higher net primary productivity. The reason for this is because plants require sunlight, water, and temperatures warm enough to grow. This is true even in aquatic ecosystems, where sunlight and the availability of nutrients determine the level of net primary productivity.

Explain three things you think local governments can do to encourage more primary and secondary waste prevention


Answer: Local government must take initiatives to reduce the waste. The government must encourage more 3 R programs and other plan that can help in the reduction of waste and prevention of waste.


There must be separate receptacles for the waste in order to separate the waste. The wastes that can be recycle must be kept recycling time to time.

The part of the waste that can be reused must be used by the industries and factories before categorizing it into waste material.

The raw materials must be used in an efficient way so that least waste can be considered as trash and most part of the materials can be used.

Government must provide funds for the above activities and people must be aware that waste can make them more susceptible towards disease.

Government can also employ some people and make a community that looks into this topic of waste management and prevention.

Enforce/require recycling laws
Spread awareness about the harm on the environment (kind of like an emotional appeal to the public)
Possibly make required community service(ex: for convicts) to be centered around clean up

Idk if this help but I hope it did

HELP WILL MARK BRAINLIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What cycle is carbon dioxide + water + energy from sunlight -> glucose + sugar?


The answer to your question is photosynthesis. If you need help with anything else, let me know

HELP WILL MARK BRAINLIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Define tissue. Use this word in a sentence that describes how organisms accomplish tasks.


Any of the distinct types of material of which animals or plants are made, consisting of specialized cells and their products."Inflammation is a reaction of living tissue to infection or injury".
Just look it up

On which date does north america experience the longest period of daylight


The day with the longest daylight hours on one hemisphere is the day with the shortest daylight hours in the other hemisphere (northern/southern hemispheres). How long the daylight will be on these days (21 June and 21 December +- 1 day) depends on your latitude.

WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST!!! *Please answer asap*
1. What is a watershed?
2. What are 2 ways we can benefit from watersheds?
3. What are 2 things we could do to help protect watersheds?


Watershed is an area that separates waters from flowing into different rivers or seas.

2 ways we can benefit from watershed is by a safe water supply. Another way is by using the land.

We can protect by : conserving water and not pouring toxic chemicals down the drain.

Some organisms are capable of surviving as a single cell while others have multiple cells that are specialized to survive. Identify an environment suitable for a multicellular organism. A)wet B)acidic C)radioactive D)acidic and radioactive


I believe the answer to this is A) wet

what statement best describes the relationship between the number of genes and the number of chromosomes in human skin cells


There are more genes than chromosomes in the skin cells have a great day

Which of the following is the longest distance from Earth? A. the distance to the edge of our solar system B. the distance to the next galaxy C. the distance to the nearest star beyond the Sun D. the distance to the edge of the Universe


Hi there!

The answer isD. the distance to the edge of the Universe.

Since scientists believe that the universe is infinite on all sides, and there is a theory that other universes can only be accessed by travelling to a different dimension, D is the answer.

Hope this helps!

The answer is d
Hope this helped!

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