The Top 27 Bucket List Destinations in Nevada (2023)

Nevada is a magical place. From the neon lights of Vegas to the enchanted deserts that cover a large portion of the state, there is always something interesting and beautiful to explore right round the corner. Hikes, museums, and beautiful views can easily fill an entire trip to the Sagebrush State. In fact, because there is so much to see and do in this place, we highly recommend making a Nevada bucket list in order to keep track of your ideas.

Keeping a travel bucket list to reference during your time in Nevada has a few different benefits. Yes, it will help you remember bucket list ideas for the future, but it can also help you organize those thoughts and make them easy to look at whenever you might need them.

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What is a Bucket List?

Not sure what a bucket list is? Not to worry, we will take a minute to explain. Essentially, a bucket list is a collection of things to do and places to visit before you die. Only must-do items make it onto your bucket list.

You can, of course, keep one long bucket list for everything you plan to do. However, if you’re a frequent traveler, you might find that it makes more sense to keep a travel list for every place you plan to visit. This is where the Nevada bucket list comes into play.

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— Bucket List Vacations: Nevada’s National Parks —

Some of our favorite bucket list destinations are the many amazing national parks out there. Nevada’s national parks are some of the best we’ve seen, so it only makes sense that they would be included on our Nevada bucket list. Check out our favorites below to see if any should be added to your travel list.

Death Valley National Park

Based on the name of Death Valley National Park, one wouldn’t think it’s a very pleasant place to visit, and to be honest, we would never want to be stranded there. That said, visiting this land of extremes on our terms is absolutely awe-inspiring, and it’s something we think every adventurer should do.

Great Basin National Park

A less intimidating yet equally gorgeous Nevada park, Great Basin National Park is also well worth seeing. This natural area features the beautiful Wheeler Peak, some of the darkest night skies we’ve ever seen, and even some incredible caves.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead is a manmade body of water, and is the largest reservoir in the United States in terms of water capacity. Visitors to the lake enjoy swimming, boating and fishing. Many find that it’s a lovely place for a bike ride or a hike, and others love the natural area so much they choose to camp out overnight.

Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument

Did you know that the area just north of Las Vegas was once a wetland? Not only that, it was also home to a number of amazing animals, including mammoths, lions, and camels. Visit the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument to see the fossils of these creatures and learn about their respective ways of life.

National Historic Trails

In addition to the parks mentioned above, Nevada also has a few national historic trails running through it. These are always fun to explore, and the visitor centers along these trails always provide fascinating history lessons.

The trails you’ll find in Nevada include:

  • Pony Express National Historic Trail
  • Old Spanish National Historic Trail
  • California National Historic Trail
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— More Nevada Bucket List Experiences —

Those who want more experiences to add to their Nevada bucket list are in luck. There are a huge number of other things to do in this amazing state. The options below are, in our opinion, the best of the best. See if any of them suit your fancy.

Attend Burning Man

Each year, thousands of music fans gather in an empty desert to create what they call Black Rock City during the Burning Man music festival. This festival focuses on artistic expression, inclusion, and cooperation, and the experience it offers is unlike any other.

Check Out Las Vegas

No trip to Nevada is complete without a visit to Las Vegas. Be sure to see the Bellagio Fountains, the mermaids at Silverton Casino Hotel, and the flamingos at Flamingo Hotel and Casino. Pay a visit to Container Park for shopping and dining (and an awesome play structure for the kids), see the Coca-Cola Store and M&M’s World, and be sure to catch the Fremont Street Experience.

Eat on Top of the World

Those looking to spend some money in Vegas should consider dining at the Top of the World Restaurant inside of the STRAT Hotel’s skyline-dominating observation tower. The dining area revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes. The views are incredible, and the food is equally as wonderful.

Play at the Pinball Hall of Fame

Most people don’t think of pinball when they think of Las Vegas, but believe or not, it’s the perfect place to play a round or two. Why? Because It’s home to the Pinball Hall of Fame, an amazing collection of pinball machines that you’re going to want to play. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time at this stop!

Learn at the National Atomic Testing Museum

Another thing that people don’t tend to associate with Vegas? Learning. Nevertheless, the place is chock-full of excellent museums. One of our favorites is the National Atomic Testing Museum. At this unique museum, you can learn all about the history of nuclear testing, a subject that is surprisingly fascinating, if terrifying.

Gather Information at the Neon Museum

Also located in Las Vegas, the Neon Museum is a graveyard for the old neon signs that once lit the streets of Sin City. Tours are offered daily and are very interesting. Tour guides take guests through the maze of old signage, telling the stories behind each of the signs and painting an amazing picture of what Vegas once was.

Visit Valley of Fire State Park

Valley of Fire was the first natural area to be named a state park in Nevada. When you visit, you’ll understand why people felt the need to protect this place, as it is spectacular. Be sure to find the Elephant Rock formation, check out the Beehives formations, see the Fire Cave, and hike to the Fire Wave.

Marvel at Hoover Dam

Located on the border between Arizona and Nevada, the Hoover Dam is an incredible sight to see. Be sure to take a look at this amazing piece of architecture when visiting the aforementioned Lake Mead National Recreation Area, a park that offers amazing views of the dam.

Admire the Dunes of Amargosa Valley

Big Dune Recreation Area in Amargosa Valley is a great place to get outdoors and take in some lovely views. The dunes at this natural area are absolutely breathtaking and almost otherworldly. Riding ORVs is permitted in many areas and can be a lot of fun. That said, sand sledding and sand boarding also offer a great time with a lot less noise.

Find Petroglyphs on the Grimes Point Archaeological Trail

There’s something incredibly exciting about finding messages left by people from another time. When hiking Grimes Point Archaeological Trail, this is exactly what you can do. This is a moderate trail that is located near Fallon. It is a beautiful hike on its own, but the petroglyphs make it a must-do.

Ski the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Not a whole lot of people head to Nevada with the intention of skiing, and quite a few people are surprised to learn this is even possible in the Sagebrush State. It is possible though, and is a ton of fun. We recommend visiting Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort for an absolutely fantastic time.

Hike through Lamoille Canyon

Looking for another fantastic hike? Lamoille Canyon in the Ruby Mountains offers gorgeous views and a wonderful place to get away from the hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in nature. Considering this is the largest valley in the Ruby Mountains, you’re sure to find plenty of ground to cover during your time there.

Swim in Lake Tahoe

America’s largest alpine lake, Lake Tahoe is the perfect place to visit when you want to cool off during the summer months. Nevada has a few different swimming beaches along the eastern shores of this pristine lake, and any you choose to visit will offer a refreshing place to spend an afternoon.

Relax in Trego Hot Springs

Prefer hot water over the cool waters of Lake Tahoe? The secluded and peaceful Trego Hot Springs might be for you. This is the ideal place to relax after a long hike, and bathing in this spring is an experience you won’t soon forget.

Explore the Ghost Town of Rhyolite

In 1905, the busy mining town of Rhyolite was founded. Unfortunately, the mine was eventually shut down, leaving the town abandoned. These days, this place is the most visited ghost town in Nevada, and it provides a very interesting peek into the past.

Discover the 7 Magic Mountains

Drive into the desert about 10 miles south of Las Vegas and you’ll be greeted with a very colorful surprise. Here, the 7 Magic Mountains art installation stands proud and tall in the middle of an otherwise empty desert area. The piece features 7 colorful towers of boulders stacked more than 30 feet high.

Watch a Sunrise at Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is an absolutely beautiful place that features lovely geological features. It was Nevada’s first conservation area, and might just be the best place in the whole state to watch the sun come up. The way the sun hits those red rocks is just incredible, and makes getting up early a little bit easier.

Watch Fly Geyser Erupt

Fly Geyser is an accidental man-made geyser located in Washoe County. The geothermal geyser sends hot water up to five feet into the air, and the bright green and red deposits surrounding the spout are now around six feet high. While the geyser is technically on private property, it can be seen from the road.

Hang Out with Ghosts in Virginia City

Considered one of the most haunted cities in the United States, Virginia City is the place to be if you’re hoping to see a ghost. Take a ghost tour or head out on your own to find the haunts that make this town so famous.

Play a Round at Wolf Creek Golf Club

Considered by golf enthusiasts everywhere to be one of the best golf courses in the country, Wolf Creek Golf Club is the place to go if you’re looking to play a fun round of golf. Be sure to pack your clubs and schedule a day to check out this fantastic place.

See the Sedan Crater

The result of a nuclear test, the Sedan Crater is an incredible sight to see, especially when you know what caused it. Over 12,000,000 tons of earth were displaced by the explosion, leaving a crater 1,280 feet in diameter and 320 feet deep.

Grab Grub at Pioneer Saloon

Ever want to go back in time? At Pioneer Saloon you can enjoy a meal in a completely different era. This restaurant was originally built way back in 1913 and has stood the test of time. It is made of stamped tin and is likely the last of its kind. The building has been featured in a number of movies, but for the most part, it’s still used as a saloon on a day-to-day basis.

As you can tell, Nevada is a wonderful state that is well worth visiting. Of course, you will want a comfortable place to stay during your time there. Fortunately, there are Nevada RV rentals.

Choosing an RV rental for your lodging during your Nevada getaway allows you to find comfort wherever you roam. This means you can jump from one place to another, seeing all the sights on your Nevada bucket list while sleeping in the same bed each night. Rent a Nevada rental RV today and get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

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