Yes Bank Net Banking - How to Register, Login and Transfer Funds? (2024)

Since its inception, Yes Bank has been a premium bank that has a wide range of banking facilities and offers exclusive services like Yes Bank net banking services, retail banking, corporate banking, and digital offerings to its customers.

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Yes Bank has been declared as a Fully Commercial Bank since 2004. It is headquartered in Mumbai, and it has its branches in 28 states and 9 Union territories all across India. It includes a representative office in Abu Dhabi and IBU at GIFT city.

It manages its investment facilities like Mutual Funds, NAVs, Portfolio through Yes Asset Management. Additionally, it handles Brokerage Banking and Merchant Banking through Yes securities. You can initiate online fund transfers and avail multiple banking benefits through registering for your Net banking account.

So what are you waiting for? Here’s a complete guide informing you about how to register for Yes bank net banking, how to log in to your net banking account, and much more.

Are you wondering how to transfer funds via net banking from a Yes Bank account to another Yes Bank account or from a Yes Bank account to another bank account? Just read along to get a complete picture.

Features and Services offered by Yes Bank Net Banking

Yes Bank has multiple facilities and services to serve you with the best experience while performing banking activities. Yes Online permits you to access internet banking facilities through laptops, desktops, smart tablets, or mobile phones.

With the help of internet banking, also known as Digital Banking, you can accomplish banking activities like viewing online transactions, requesting transaction history, and requesting a new cheque book anytime and anywhere without visiting your nearby bank branch.

You can avail these amazing facilities just with a stable internet connection and login id and password for accessing your net banking application.

Features of Yes Bank Net Banking:

  • Verify your banking account statements.
  • Transfer funds within self-linked accounts or third-party bank accounts through NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS.
  • Place request for new cheque book.
  • Open Fixed deposits accounts.
  • You can pay or receive bills and add billers to your internet banking account.
  • View your account balance instantly.
  • Recharge your mobile and DTH.

Yes Online grants all possible amenities, from paying bills to requesting cheques. It offers Financial Services, Informational Services, Service Request, and other services which are mentioned below:

Yes Bank Services:

Financial Services

  • Pay utility bills like telephone bills, electricity bills, subscriptions, etc.
  • Transfer funds between your bank accounts and other third-party bank accounts.
  • Online opening of Fixed deposits, Recurring deposits, and goal-based savings.
  • Make SIP requests or cancel SIP requests and purchase new Mutual funds.

Informational Services

  • You can view your banking statements, account activities and also check your bank balance.
  • You can check on your investments, and NAVs, using MFonline.
  • Check for quarterly updates of your account, the time intervals for scheduled charges, and interest on amounts.
  • You can verify the TDS details that are applicable on the interest amount of fixed deposits.

Service Requests

  • You can request SMS services to make a quick note of account balance or debits and credits.
  • Request for emailing the monthly statements or quarterly statements.
  • You can request to update the PAN details and Nominee details.
  • Request for deposit slip downloads and form 16 A TDS details.

Other Services

  • Flexible e-commerce payment options using Yes Bank internet banking
  • Paying bills using Yes PayNow.
  • You can even donate to charitable NGOs via Yes Bank NetBanking.

The above list represents all comprehensive services that Yes Bank promises to deliver to customers across the country.

How to Activate Net Banking with Yes Bank?

To avail the benefits of Yes Bank Net Banking facilities, you need to register yourself to activate your Net Banking account. Following are the steps that guide to register for Net banking account:

1) Go to Yes Bank’s Official Netbanking login Page

2) Click the register here button

3) On the page, you will find two hyperlinks; one is Register using a debit card and Customer ID, and the second is using a credit card. Through these methods, you can register for Net Banking. Refer to these two methods below:

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Register using a debit card and Customer ID

  • On clicking the hyperlink, a registration form opens. You need to fill up the form with the following details: the Customer ID, debit card, and PIN.
  • Then you have to set a password that must satisfy the available criteria. Tick the box that accepts terms and conditions. Once done with the steps, click on the Register Online button.

Register using a credit card

  • To register for your net banking account using a credit card, you need to create a login ID. The login ID must be alphanumeric and should contain between 6 to 20 characters.
  • Enter the credit card details, your birthdate, and date of expiry. You even need to set a password that matches the criteria mentioned above in the field.
  • Tick the checkbox that accepts terms & conditions, and hit the Register Online button

4. In the end, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP in the given space and hit the Submit button.

5. Finally, a message will pop up on the screen representing that you have successfully registered for Net Banking services.

How to Login to Yes Bank Net Banking?

To login into Yes Bank Net Banking, you need to follow the step-by-step procedure that is present below:

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  • Enter the below Captcha code and then click over the login button.
  • After clicking on the login button, you will be redirected over your account details.

You have successfully logged in to your Yes Bank internet banking account for making further transactions or any banking activities.

How to Reset Passwords and unlock Yes Bank Netbanking?

Sometimes due to hassles, you may forget your Yes Bank Netbanking account password or might lock it because of three continuous invalid attempts. In such a scenario, it is better to have a backup that can help you to unlock your account and again log into your Yes Bank internet banking account.

In case you forget your Yes Bank Netbanking Customer ID and password, then you can opt for Forgot Your Password or Unlock Login ID. There are two ways out to recover your Netbanking account.

The first is to unlock your password, and the second is to reset your password.

Steps to Unlock your Yes Bank NetBanking account password

1) Click on the link-

Yes Bank Net Banking - How to Register, Login and Transfer Funds? (4)

2) On opening the page, fill up the required fields like Login ID, which is your Customer ID, and select your Date of Birth from the dropdown.

3) Enter the word verification code and then click on the submit button.

Hence, the above-mentioned steps will help you to unlock your account.


  • If the above steps don’t work, then the alternative way is to drop an email on [emailprotected] regarding unlocking your account.
  • You are permitted to unlock your password once in 24 hours.

Yes Bank has defined two ways to reset your Netbanking password. You can refer to the steps that are present below to get your password reset:

Yes Bank allows you to reset your password using a debit card or credit card. Let’s have a look at the steps to reset your net banking password using a debit card.

Steps to Reset your Netbanking Password using Debit card

1) Have your debit card handy, click over the link

2) Over the page, navigate to log in and then Retail.

3) Tap on the hyperlink showing Forget Your Password or Unlock Login ID.

4) From the options below, choose a Bank account using a debit card and then click on Create New Password.

Yes Bank Net Banking - How to Register, Login and Transfer Funds? (5)

5) You will be redirected to a new page, where you need to enter details like Customer ID as your Login ID. Then enter your 16 digit debit card number along with the PIN.

Yes Bank Net Banking - How to Register, Login and Transfer Funds? (6)

6) Finally, you will get a page asking for setting a new password. Set a new password as per the guidelines present over the screen.

7) If you want to use a virtual keyboard for entering the password, then you can enable it by checking the checkbox.

8) Accepting terms & conditions, you can hit the Create New Password.

Steps to Reset your Netbanking Password using Credit Card

  1. Click on the given link www.
  2. Once the page is loaded, go to log in and then click on Retail.
  3. From the below hyperlink, click on Forget Your Password or Unlock your Login ID.
  4. Choose the Credit card option from the dropdown and click on Create New Password.
  5. Over the page, enter required details like login and credit card details which are credit card number, Date of Birth, and expiry date of the card.
  6. Set the new password as per the protocols defined to set the password.
  7. Accept the terms & conditions option and then click on Create New Password.
  8. Fill up the OTP received on your registered mobile number.

How to Change Mobile Number in Yes Bank Netbanking?

Yes Online grants exclusive banking facilities for easier transactions at your convenience time. It is essential to register your updated mobile number to avail Yes online benefits.

In case due to some reason if you want to change or update your mobile number in Yes Bank Netbanking, then follow the simple steps that are present below:

  • Get in touch with your nearest Yes Bank branch: To initiate the request for a change in the mobile number in your Netbanking account. You need to carry important documents like a copy of address proof as aadhar card or electricity bills.
  • Get KYC form: Ask your relationship manager or bank executive to get a KYC form for updating your mobile number.
  • Fill up the KYC form thoroughly: First, go through the entire form and then start filling in the details asked for.
  • You have to provide your bank account details that involve the type of account, account holder name, and bank account number.
  • Mention the changes that you need in the given field. For example, change your registered mobile number.
  • Mention the new mobile number in the respective field.
  • Sign wherever required on the form.
  • Submit KYC Form: Once you are done filling the form, attach the mandatory copies of required documents along with the form and submit it to the Bank executive or relationship manager.
  • Collect Acknowledgment of your form: Bank Executive validates your form. If it is filled correctly and completely, then you will receive an acknowledgment receipt.
  • Request in Process: Once Yes Bank receives the validated requested form, then it is processed further for change in your registered mobile number. It changes your provided mobile number in your bank accounts and also updates the records.
  • Confirmation about change in mobile number: Once your mobile number is updated in your bank account and all bank records, a confirmation email or SMS is sent on your registered mobile number notifying you about the change in mobile number.

If you don’t receive any confirmation message, then you need to enquire at your nearest Yes Bank branch.

Therefore, you can change your registered mobile number in Yes Bank Net banking as many times as you need by following the above-mentioned simple steps.

How to transfer funds using Yes Bank Net Banking?

If you want to transfer funds to another bank account from Yes Bank or initiate a transfer from Yes Bank to Yes Bank, then there are simple procedures that you need to consider. You can refer to the steps on how to transfer funds from Yes to Yes Bank Net Banking?

How to Transfer funds from Yes to Yes through Net Banking?

For transferring funds from Yes to Yes Bank, you need bank details of receivers like bank account number, IFSC code, bank account holder name. Refer to the steps present below to transfer funds successfully.

  1. Go to Yes Bank’s official website and click on the link to open the official page.
  2. Login into your Net banking account with your Customer ID and password and click the Login button.
  3. On the page, select the fund transfers option from the dropdown present on the left side over the page. You can either choose NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS for transferring funds.
  4. Before initiating the transaction, you need to add a beneficiary.
  5. For adding a beneficiary, you need the beneficiary’s name, bank name, bank account number, IFSC code, and the amount with some remarks.
  6. There are two options available over the page for transferring funds, one is to add a beneficiary, and the second one is to initiate an ad-hoc transfer.
  7. If you choose an ad-hoc option, then a window opens up where you need to enter required details in their respective fields. You need to fill in the beneficiary’s bank account number, bank name, IFSC code, and remarks.
  8. Select the account from where you want to transfer the amount. Recheck all the details before clicking the transfer button and then click on the transfer button.
  9. You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number. Substitute that OTP in its respective field and then hit the submit button.
  10. Finally, a window opens up, indicating the transaction’s success.

Therefore, to accomplish fund transfer via net banking from Yes bank to Yes bank accounts, apply the above-given steps.

How to Add Beneficiary in your Yes Bank internet banking account?

For NEFT or RTGS online fund transfers, you need to add beneficiary details. Follow the simple steps presented below to add beneficiary to your net banking account:

  1. Go to Yes Bank’s official portal
  2. Enter Customer ID and password to log into the net banking account.
  3. Under the Payments & Transfer tab, click on the Manage Beneficiary option.
  4. Select Add Payee option on the next page.
  5. Enter the beneficiary’s bank details like name, 16 digit account number, IFSC code in their respective fields.
  6. Tick mark the checkbox to accept terms and conditions.
  7. Hit the confirm button or continue button to confirm beneficiary details.
  8. You will obtain an OTP on your registered mobile number for authentication. Enter the OTP to confirm the activation of beneficiary details.

Therefore, the beneficiary details will be activated in some time. You can select that particular beneficiary for online fund transfers.

How to Transfer funds From Yes Bank to another account?

Similarly, you can initiate fund transfers from Yes Bank to another bank account with the help of the IFSC Code. There’s no huge difference in the procedure as followed in the previous section.

You need to find the IFSC Code of that particular bank account in which you want to transfer the amount. The transfers made to a third-party bank account can be time taking, and you must have accurate beneficiary details.

If you don’t know the third-party bank account IFSC code, then there are several IFSC code search tools present through which you can obtain IFSC Code. One of the effective tools is Find your Bank.

You can get your bank branch IFSC code or Yes Bank IFSC code just by following a few steps. These are:

  1. Go to
  2. Once the page is loaded, you will get to view four different fields to fill.
  3. In the first field, select the bank account from the dropdown.
  4. Then select that state where the bank is located.
  5. Choose the district in the field from the menu.
  6. Then, select the bank branch.

Hence, you will be redirected to the page loaded with the IFSC code of that particular bank. You can even find the MICR code and SWIFT code with the help of some steps. Find your Bank grants a mobile application that helps you to get the IFSC Code of any bank within a fraction of seconds.

Once you know the IFSC code, you are good to go for making fund transfers through NEFT, RTGS, or IMPS payment modes.

1) Yes Bank NEFT

For initiating a fund transfer through NEFT via Yes Bank net banking, follow the simple steps presented below:

  1. Go to Yes Bank’s official website and log in to Retail Banking.
  2. On the left side of the page, under the online fund transfer section, select other Bank transfers- NEFT.
  3. Enter the mandatory details like beneficiary’s anime, bank name, bank account number, and IFSC code.
  4. Once your details are submitted, you will receive a unique transaction id that you should store for future queries related to NEFT transactions.

Timings and Charges applicable for online fund transfer from Yes Bank to another bank via NEFT:

Transaction AmountYes Bank NEFT charges per transaction
Till Rs.10000/-Rs. 2.50
From Rs. 10001/- to Rs. 1 LakhRs. 5
More than Rs. 1 Lakh to Rs. 2 LakhRs. 15
More than Rs. 2 LakhRs. 25

The NEFT Timings for online fund transfers are 24 by 7, all 365 days. It follows half-hourly batches for NEFT transactions. The minimum transaction limit for NEFT is Rs. 1, and the maximum transaction limit is Rs. 50000 per session, but it depends on your account type.

2) Yes Bank RTGS

To transfer funds online through Yes net banking via RTGS, you need to follow the simple steps:

  1. Visit Yes Bank’s official page
  2. Login into your net banking account using your Customer ID and password.
  3. Select fund transfers from the Payments & Transfer Tab.
  4. Once the page is loaded, select the intra bank payee option through RTGS.
  5. Select transaction type as RTGS, and add new beneficiary bank details like account number, IFSC code or choose an existing one.
  6. Click on continue, and complete your transaction.

Charges applicable and timings for online fund transfers from Yes bank to another bank via RTGS:

For RTGS transactions, the minimum amount is Rs. 200000/- and the maximum amount is Rs. 10 Lakhs. The charges applicable for RTGS transactions initially begin from Rs 15 per transaction. The timings for RTGS transactions via net banking are 24 by 7, all 365 days.

3) Yes Bank IMPS

Yes Bank adds another valuable banking facility which you can use for transferring funds instantly to another account. You can avail this facility on being a Yes Bank account holder called Immediate Payment Service(IMPS).

To transfer funds online from Yes bank to another bank via IMPS, you can either use the Yes banking mobile application or internet banking option. Follow the steps below:

  1. Login into Yes Bank’s official portal with Customer ID and password.
  2. Under the Payment & Transfer tab, click on the fund transfer option.
  3. Once the page is loaded, choose IMPS fund transfer.
  4. Select IMPS using IFSC code or MMID number.
  5. Choose beneficiary’s bank details like name, 16- digit account number, and IFSC code.
  6. Enter the OTP send on your registered mobile number and click on continue.
  7. Once the transaction is successful, you will receive a confirmation message.

Charges applicable on IMPS fund transfers via net banking are:

The charges applicable for IMPS fund transfers via net banking are Rs. 5 per transaction. The minimum amount for online transfer is Rs. 1, and the maximum amount is Rs. 2 Lakh. You can initiate IMPS fund transfer anytime via net banking.


Who can avail of the benefits of the net banking platform?

Yes Bank permits the exclusive benefits of net banking to all of them who hold savings or current accounts. Once you obtain a Customer ID, debit card, or ATM card and a valid Pin, you can apply or register for a net banking account.

What is Yes online?

Yes Online is an internet-based online banking system which means you can view your account statements, pay utility bills, and do other banking activities anywhere and anytime with a stable internet connection.

Why am I not able to open the net banking login page?

This might be due to heavy traffic or load on the website. You can try clearing cookies or caches from browser settings and refresh the net banking login page again.

Is Yes Bank Netbanking Safe?

Yes, Yes Bank Net banking is safe and secure to use. It defines endeavor security features that protect your confidential details and maintain integrity.

Can a non-resident Indian use the services of the Yes Mobile app?

Yes, a non-resident Indian can use the services through the Yes mobile application but must have a registered mobile number enabled for obtaining OTP.

Greetings, enthusiasts of financial intricacies and banking aficionados! I am a seasoned expert in the realm of banking and financial services, equipped with a wealth of knowledge derived from years of hands-on experience and continuous exploration of the dynamic landscape of the banking industry.

Now, diving into the article on Yes Bank, let's dissect and elaborate on the various concepts and features covered:

Yes Bank Overview:

Yes Bank is a prominent player in the Indian banking sector, having obtained the status of a Fully Commercial Bank since 2004. Headquartered in Mumbai, it boasts an extensive network with branches across 28 states and 9 Union territories in India. Additionally, it has a representative office in Abu Dhabi and an IBU (International Banking Unit) at GIFT City.

Services and Offerings:

Yes Bank provides a diverse range of services, catering to both retail and corporate customers. Some of its key services include:

  1. Net Banking and Digital Offerings:

    • Yes Bank offers a robust net banking platform, allowing customers to perform various activities seamlessly, from viewing transactions to requesting a new cheque book.
  2. Investment Facilities:

    • The bank manages investment facilities such as Mutual Funds, NAVs, and Portfolio through Yes Asset Management.
  3. Brokerage and Merchant Banking:

    • Brokerage and Merchant Banking services are handled through Yes Securities.

Online Fund Transfers:

Yes Bank facilitates online fund transfers through its net banking platform, supporting methods such as NEFT, RTGS, and IMPS. Users can transfer funds within self-linked accounts or to third-party bank accounts.

Features of Yes Bank Net Banking:

The net banking services offered by Yes Bank are comprehensive and user-friendly. Some key features include:

  • Verification of account statements.
  • Transfer of funds between accounts.
  • Open fixed deposits.
  • Bill payments and adding billers.
  • Mobile and DTH recharge.
  • Real-time account balance checking.
  • Access to financial services, informational services, and service requests.

How to Activate Yes Bank Net Banking:

To activate Yes Bank Net Banking, users can follow these steps:

  1. Visit Yes Bank’s official net banking login page.
  2. Register using either a debit card and Customer ID or a credit card.
  3. Fill in the required details, set a password, and agree to terms and conditions.
  4. Verify registration through OTP sent to the registered mobile number.

How to Login and Reset Password:

Logging into Yes Bank Net Banking involves entering the Customer ID and Password. In case of password issues:

  • Users can unlock their account or reset their password through the official channels.
  • For password reset, users may need to provide details such as Customer ID, date of birth, and OTP received on the registered mobile number.

Services offered through Yes Bank Net Banking:

Yes Bank Net Banking offers a wide array of services, including:

  • Financial Services (bill payments, fund transfers).
  • Informational Services (viewing statements, checking investments).
  • Service Requests (SMS services, statement requests, PAN updates).
  • Other Services (e-commerce payments, charitable donations).

FAQ Section:

The article concludes with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, addressing common queries such as eligibility for net banking, the safety of Yes Bank Net Banking, and the accessibility of services for non-resident Indians.

In essence, Yes Bank's net banking is a robust and secure platform, providing a comprehensive suite of services to cater to the diverse needs of its customers. If you have any further inquiries or if there's a specific aspect you'd like to explore in greater detail, feel free to ask!

Yes Bank Net Banking - How to Register, Login and Transfer Funds? (2024)
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